Part 20 ~ Wishful Wedding!!

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Today was the day. I was getting married to Martin. I don't have the bigger wedding I wanted, but I have a small courthouse wedding with my parents, my siblings, Martins parents, and his sister. Plus the kids. So in all it's a decent sized small, and we kept it to the bare minimum.

I went out and bought a white dress, I find it really pretty. It's a knee length, 3/4 sleeves, off-white creaming color, a beautiful black ribbon that ties right under my boobs, and below the ribbon it has this satiny Tull fabric skirt thing. Anyways it looks amazing!

I get a text from Martin,

"Meet you at the courthouse in an hour"

I text him back saying okay.

We did the whole shebang last night,


I had a bachelorette party, and he had a bachelor party. I came back home with a couple of my friends, my sister, and my two future sister in laws, where I then opened my gifts from them. They varied from:
A couple of sexy bras and panties
To some sexy toy items
To relaxation things
Basically I got a ton from the half a dozen people there. Plus, Martin sent me two little gifts. The first A necklace with the Mariana's birthdate engraved on the back with a Mom written on the front. The other was a bracelet with a little charm, it opens to reveal a little picture of Estella, Oliver, Mariana & Him.
He even sent a little card.

"To the best Fiancé ever. Let this remind you that you will forever & always be loved. I can't wait to see you tomorrow, I know you will look amazing. Oh, and pack a bag for a week long trip. I am not saying anything else, just pack what you want."

Aww, he's so sweet. I tear up, I'm glad I have found the other half of me.

"Did my brother do some big sappy emotional thing for you?" Sarah asks

"Aww, if he did he must really really love you. He never did that for his dead ex wife." Jane says

"Your brothers amazing. I couldn't ask for a better man to raise children with. Plus, I get two sweet sister-in-laws to!"

*End Flashback

"Now, Martin Winston James please exchange your vows." The Justice Of The Peace says

"Katie, I have loved you from the moment we met. Even before I knew you, I felt something. When you were in the hospital for the first time after losing your babies, I walked by your room. I saw you alone, it crushed me that nobody was there to hold your hand or brush hair from your face, even kiss you on your cheek. So those were the few days before your ultrasound, when you agreed to go on a date with me, I felt beyond overjoyed. I promise to love you, as long as I'm on earth, and even when I am here I am always thinking of you. Through all ups and downs, I'm ready to have someone sit next to me on this crazy roller coaster of a world. I'm ready for you to take the spot. I'm ready to share everything with you, completely reveal myself, I promise to never mistreat you, and most of all I promise to be the most selfless person and dedicate my world to you, Estella, Mariana, & Oliver. I love you, more then you will ever know." He finishes his speech, it was amazing. I love him. Now it's my turn

"Martin, my life isn't easy. I've had many many rough times, you.... You were there for me in my darkest times. My rock. You showed me what love is, and that I can love again. Days are numbered, but when I'm with you the day doesn't matter, sometimes it doesn't even seem exist. Because I'm with you,everything becomes so much easier. I never imagined being here right now, I never thought I would be marrying such an amazing man. But, I'm glad I am. I could go on and on about promising this and that, but I knew I could never express my love loud enough for you; how much I love you. I have made a list of my favorite things you do, because all of these show the man you are. The man I fell in love with. To start off, when I say "I Love You" and you reply "Love You More" and I say "Not possible" and you respond with "If You say so." I love that when I feel blue, and down you always have a way to cheer me up. I love our blueberry pancake "dates" when the kids are sleeping on Saturday mornings. I love everything we do together. I promise to love you till the last day, I don't know how long we will have. But every second of everyday I will love you with all my heart."

I finish my speech. He smiles at me

"Do you Martin Winston James, solemnly swear to love this woman till death do thou part?" The Justice says

"I do," he says putting the ring on my finger.

"Do you Katie Marie Rivera do solemnly swear to love this man till death do thou part?" The Justice says

"I" I say tearing up "I do." Martin smiles and places my wedding ring on my finger.

"No, With the power invested in me by the state if New York I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride."

Martin leans in to kiss me, I hear to ewws! As we part I look over to see Estella and Oliver covering their eyes

"Hey, atleast the know when mommy and daddy want privacy!" Martin jokes

"Your mine, and I'm yours." I say grinning.

"Introducing my wife Mrs. Katie Marie James. Katie James. I like the sound of that." Martin says

"I like the sound of wife in that sentence my dear husband."

"Oh, husband. Makes me sound sexy." He says

"Oh hush, out parents are here. Plus, save it for the bedroom."

"Yeah tonight."

"There's kids around"

"Grandparents are around for a reason!" He says


And with that we leave the courthouse to head to our wedding dinner, where guess what Martin surprises me with plane tickets to PARIS!!! I had no clue we were having a honeymoon, but boy I was surprised.

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