Im Andrea

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"Wait you know who i am?" i asked. "Well i mean ya, i watch all your videos" she replied. "what your name again" i asked. "Andrea" she said "well thats a beautiful name for someone beautiful like you" i said. "thanks, well i got to go it was nice meeting you"
"you to" i said. I walked back to my car and just sat there thinking About andrea, wondering if i will ever get to see her again and i hope i do. I walk into class even though im 20 minutes late cause of what just happened and i sit down and start taking down the notes.
"Woah that was weird" i say and keep walking into school trying to act cool since its my first day. I dont want to be at new school but my moms work transferred us here. i walk into class and sit behind this kid with blonde, blue, green, brownish hair but i ignore the colors, even though its kind of distracting. The teacher says work with the person in front of you so i tap his shoulder and say "i think your my partner" he turns around and its kian...
"oh hey andrea" kian said "hi kian" i said. "i didnt knkw you go to this school" he said "well my mom just got transferred for her job to over here so i have to go to this school" i said. oh okay so want to comeover after school and we can work on this? kian said. ya i guess i said. "okay then ill see you tonight, heres my number and ill text you the address" kian said "okay thanks". the bell rang and i walked to my classes, the day went by really fast and i was actually kind of excited to go to kians house and work on this project. I get home and take a shower and redo my makeup and put on some white jeans and a maroon sweater and i throw my hair up on a cute sock bun and put on my uggs with the bows in the back. Even though its not that cold in california its still alittle chilly and this out fit is cute. i walk out to my car and see my bestfriend Jc getting his mail since he lives right next to me, i walkover and we talk for like 10 minutes and i told him about how kian almost hit me this morning and then he was telling me that him and kian are starting a new collab channel this January. I got in my car after we talked and texted kian
hey on my way!(:
i arrived at kians house and it was huge and i could probably fit my whole house in this, i dont know why jc is staying at his moms house when he could live here! i knocked on the door and sam answered.. my ex boyfriend.. i walked past him sam and saw kian sitting in thks kitchen. "ready to get to work?" i said. we walked up to his room amd i set the poster board and all the supplies down on his bed. We both sit there awkardly for like 3 minutes and then kian just grabs my face and we start making out intensely, i wasnt expecting it at all but i just went with it. 10 minutes later we stop and i look away and blush and say "maybe we should work on the project"

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