old memories and washing them away.

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she ran up the the door. opening it slightly. peaking inside. nothing. she remebered that their was amimals dead on the walls and strung up on the celieng. she was suprised to see the toy box was gone as well. strange. perhapse the owners came to get it. she opend the door fully. and walked in the narrow hallway. looking at its faded blue gray chipping walls.  she walked own the narrow hallway. walking to the door at the end at the hall. she opend this one with less coution.

the room was as it was a year ago. she felt nostalgia hit her as she smelt the room. in front of her was a small table with toys on it and to the right side of the room was changeing tables and bookcases full of books. to the left side of the room was more toys and toy boxes and year old food. she cringed at the smell of year old meat and milk.

" its rude to be in other peoples play rooms..." a young girl voice said.

Ebony turned aroud to see a young girl, around the age of eight, to be standing infront of the door way. she was pail. and had very messy and tangled up hair. she had bright emerald green eyes and held tight to a beaten up stuffed bear. but she staired blankly at Ebony.

"hello little girl! what is your name?" Ebony said with happiness, now knowing she was not alone.

"im..sally..will you play a game with me?" the little girl now known as sally said.

Ebony stood their for a second. consemplating on wether or not to play with the little girl. she did not know how ever some one else was watching.

"yeah sure why not?" Ebony replied.

the little girl looked at Ebony with exitement.

" okay lets play hide-and-go-seak!!! im the seaker!!!" the little girl shouted while runnin to the corner and starting to  count.

Ebony giggled as she walked out of the room and to the out into the woods. she ran until she was far enough so she could no longer see the shack nor the street. she was now lost. she had taken so many twists and turns she forgot her way. she shruged it off and started to walk in a single direction.

she then soon heard the sounds off a high way and she loved it. she found the road of the high way and walked on the side where she was. she then came to a sign. it read:

welcome to clarksville tennessee!

she pondered as to if the little girl was fallowing her. she shrugged it off and then she fallowed the highway. putting on her hood blocking out her mouth and eyes. she walked along the side of the road.


it was now night time and the healights of the cars were behind her and going passed her. she was hungry. very hungry. but she kept on moveing the way the cars were going. she was still holding onto the smile and she kept telling herself everything would be fine. as long as she got home. it was not true. the poor girl was lost and will never get back home. of course she knew, but she liked to belive other wise.

then a car stoped next to her. it was a red car. Ebony could not make out what kind of car it was though. the window rolled down as a guy in black sunglasses with blond hair was sitting in the passenger seat.

" hey you lost?" he asked, conserned.

Ebony looked at the guy. a sudden happeiness roled over her. "yes...can you please direct me to hail springs?" she asked.

"um well where headed in that direction...would you like to cimb in with us?" the blond asked.

Ebony nodded her head with appreciattion. she may be dead. but she didnt forget her manners her mom tought her. the blond got out opening the door th the back seat but sitting in the back closeing the door. leaving the passager seat to her.

she then got in the car and closed the door. she then relised if she had been tricked...she would be in big trouble. she doubted the nice boys would have tricked her. then her stomace growled its loudest it has since in the past hour. the brewnett river looked at her.

"well we can stop here to get food and a motel to sleep in." the female brewnett said.

they then came to an exit on the side of the road and made their way to a motel that was cheap enough for the three of them. they then got settled in and ordered room service.

"so," the blond said." whats your name?"

"my name?" Ebony questioned.

" yeah!" the female asked.

"um..." what was her name?!? had she forgotten? no she could not have! wait."its...its..Ebony."

" well," the blond spoke up." in ryan and this here is my girl friend cystael"

"its nice to meet you...um..how do you think i shoul repay you?" Ebony asked.

the couple looked at each other, and shrugged.

"well...we' like to see you face.." ryan asked.

Ebony looked at her hands with a bit of unease." if i do...do you promise not to tell?"

they looked at each other." who we ganna tell?" they said.

Ebony looke at her hands. she fiddled with her has more befor reaching for her hood and took it off. she then looked at the two of them with her purple wihte skin. her smile never endding. her eyes like a black endless wells. the female screamed while the male took out a pocket knife.

"im sorry..." was all Ebony said befor running out the door of the room and running down the sttreet of the motel and then to the highway. she ran untill she colapsed on the side of the road. she layed their next to the highway with passing cars and non careing people. she wishe now she never went into that house.

"no....forget about it Ebony. thats in the past." she said to her self.

she then got up again and walked the way the head lights of the cars faced. believing in the lie of getting home.

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