Chapter 3

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Bella's POV

"Yeah, I know who you are. I'd be surprised if someone didn't." I remarked while crossing my arms over my chest. I tried hard to avoid looking at his face but for some reason i couldn't stop myself from looking up at him again. He had a frown on his face. So much attitude in my voice but i could care less.

"Have we met before?" He questioned, his arms behind his back.

"Fortunately, no. We haven't. I'd dislike being associated with somebody as vile as you." Before i could stop myself I turned around and began to walk away. No, not walk. Strut. I hoped I didn't look as ridiculous as Taylor while doing it, but either way it would at least make a lasting impression. That prick probably isn't used to people rejecting his charm. Even though he barely spoke any words towards me. It doesn't matter. He doesn't need to speak for me to know how horrible he was towards my best friend.


It took me a while but I finally made it towards the front desk with both Sam and Jack. There was a lady standing there. Well more like a teenager rather than a lady. She was blonde and her hair was in a pony tail. She had an impeccable complexion. I'm so jealous of her nice skin. 

"Hi, how can I help you?" She wasn't looking at me while asking that question, she was staring at Jack. She was totally flirting with Jack. It's so obvious, i mean she's twirling her hair for God's sake. I look back at Jack to take a look at his reaction. He didn't have one. He was so CLUELESS. He looked at me blankly and raised his eyebrows. This made me chuckle lightly. I exaggerated the way my eyes turned back to her so that maybe he would get an idea of what i was hinting at. He didn't. Sam even shoved him, but he still didn't get it.

"What? What is it?" He asked with a confused expression on his face. He just grunted and continued talking to the girl with the amazingly perfect skin.

"We need the seats for Bella Hartley, Jack Gilinsky, and Sam Wilkinson." He said tiredly, as if he couldn't care less about the fact that she just freaking winked at him. SHE WINKED. I looked back at him with my eyes open wide. But when i turned to him, I found him already staring at me. I hit him on the shoulder. All he did was laugh.

"Here you guys go. One for Bella, and two for both of Ms.Bella's cute friends." Okay now she's going overboard. I scoffed and mumbled thank you. Sometimes it's hard being friends with two feverishly hot guys. I walked as quickly as i could in my five inch heels while sighing. When is the cute ticket guy going to flirt with me and wink at me? I mean are only guys allowed that experience? Except for the occasional cry of excitement from a male fan in the crowd, i don't get much attention from boys. I mean does Ansel ever even think of me as anything more than just a friend? Probably not. 

  I slightly jumped when i felt a hand on my shoulder. Jack. 

"Are you okay? You rushed away." He questioned with concern on his face. I just shrugged. I'm totally fine. 

"Yeah was something bothering you back there?" I turned to find Sam with a smirk on his face on the other side of me. When Sam's smirking, it never means anything good; Or holy for that matter.

"No way. What would be bothering me?" I asked obliviously.

"Oh, I don't know. Maybe the fact that the ticket girl was shamelessly flirting with Jack." God Sam, can't you ever keep your mouth shut.

"What?" Asked Jack. I internally giggled when I saw the confused expression he had. But I mean COME ON, anyone would've noticed. Why didn't he?

"Oh God jack. You seriously didn't notice? And you know what Sam, you're right. That girl was totally shameless and way to upfront in my opinion. I mean who even winks anymore. That's just weird, it honestly looks like something is caught in your eye when you don't do it right. And she definitely did not do it right. Like who even came up with winking as a way to attract a person? You are literally just blinking with one eye. It's so-"

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