Chapter 1, Get Ready

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As I took all the bags and closed the door of my beautiful new car, I walked to the front door of my boyfriend's house and searched for the keys in my pocket. "Fuck!" I yelled as one of the bags fell down on the floor, letting one of the wine bottles broke. I took a deep breath and opened the door and walked to the kitchen. "Hello!?" I yelled but I've got no answer, so I let the bags on the corner of the kitchen and walked to the parking and there I saw Harry's cars. I walked back to the living room. "Harry?" I yelled but I've got no answer again, so I walked downstairs where Harry had his private gym, and he was there, with his ipod on his ears and working hard on his muscles. I sat down in one chair watching him how was making horrible faces into the mirror as he was working. "mans..." I whispered laughing and minutes later, he noticed I was there and quickly took off his ipod and walked to me. "For how long have you been here staring at me?" He asked me and pecked my lips. "Enough to say that you are the same as every stupid boy in all the gyms." I said laughing and he pushed me letting me fell down on the floor. "Auuuuuuch!" I yelled and he started to laugh and helped me to stand up. "How was your day?" he asked me pecking my lips again. "I've got a lot of work. Apparently someone decided to change some things on the tv program where I'm working right now and everything it's so strange..." I said and he laughed and took his towel to take off his sweat. "Oh Harry." I said before walked upstairs. "Uh?" He said. "I've bought everything for tonight. I'm going to change my clothes and then I'll start to make the dinner, ok?" I said and he nodded so I started to walk upstairs. "Beautiful ass" I heard him say and I turned myself and showed him my tongue.

I walked to Harry's room and took a pair of his sweet pants even were a little bit bigger for me, and also one of his white t-shirts and then I went to the kitchen and I started to make some pasta knowing that Niall would love it. I saw Harry walking upstairs and he winked the eye to me before enter to the bathroom to take his post-gym shower and I just smiled and continued cooking. I took some chips and put everything on the living room's table, and I also put the drinks on the fridge. About 30 minutes later, Harry came just with his towel around his waist and hugged me from behind. "helloo" He whispered on the crock of my neck before placing a sweet kiss on there. I turned myself and wrapped my arms around his neck. "Everything is ready for tonight." I said smiling and he pecked my lips. "I see you've made pasta." He said and I nodded. "Niall will love it." I said and he rolled his eyes. "I told you I wanted to eat chicken." He said and I laughed and turned myself to take a glass of water and then I sat on the corner and stared at him. "I cook, I decide." I said and he smirked and came to me touching the end of the t-shirt that I was wearing. "Why you always take my clothes?" He asked and I pulled behind his ear his curls. "Because I don't have clothes here." I said and he smiled. "What about if I want to wear those sweet pants and this t-shirt right now?" He asked and I stood up and took off my clothes, just staying with my bras and panties. "wow" He said and I smirked. "c'mon, dress yourself with those clothes you wanted." I said and he laughed and put on the clothes and then looked back at me, that I was already going upstairs. "Hey! Where are you going?" he asked me. "To take my clothes." I said laughing and walked upstairs to Harry's room and dressed myself again with my own clothes. Then I put my shoes on and walked downstairs again and I saw Harry eating some chips and staring by the window. I quickly went to him and slapped his hand taking the chips and placing them back on the table. "owww!" He said touching his hand. "you have to wait till later!" I said and he rolled his eyes as I took my purse. "Emily." He said and I looked at him as I was searching for my keys. "Uh?" I said. "We haven't had sex already on your new car." He said and I looked at him and was smirking at me. "And we are not going to have sex on my new car." I said and he quickly came to me and hugged me. "Why not?" He asked and I looked at him and pushed him out of me. "Because I don't want to dirty my new car!" I said and he laughed. "Babe..." He said and I put my hand on his mouth before he could say anything. "I said no." I said and he rolled his eyes as I took my jacket and walked to the front door. "Where are you going?" He asked and I looked at him as I was putting on my beanie. "To my house, I want to take a shower and change my clothes. I'll be back in one hour ok?" I said and he nodded. "Are you going to sleep here tonight?" He asked me and I nodded. "I guess. I don't want to drive if we are going to drink tonight..." I said and he smiled. "That's my girl!" He said and I rolled my eyes and he turned himself and opened the TV. "Harry..." I said and he looked at me. "Uh?" He said and I opened the door. "There are a lot of things on the kitchen to clean." I said and before he could say anything I went outside and closed the door and I could hear him yell "FUCK!" and I started to laugh as I walked to my car and opened it.

I drove to my flat and before I entered, I took my mail from my mail box and then I walked upstairs because the elevator was still broke since God Knows when. I opened the door as the same time as I was reading the mail, that was rubbish... I leaved my purse on the couch and I threw the mail to the wastepaper basket. Then I turned myself and looked around. "Mr. Cheese?" I yelled and I quickly saw my beautiful cat coming to me. "Mr. Cheeeeese!" I yelled taking him on my arms and kissing him. "Who's the most beautiful cat in the world!? Yeeees you!" I said and before he could bite me I leaved him on the floor and took off my shoes. "Auuuuch!" I yelled as Mr. Cheese scratched my hand as I was taking off my shoes. "Why did you do that!?" I said and he ran away and I just walked to the kitchen and I let the water flow to the scratch. Then I went to the bathroom, I took a shower and then I dressed myself with a pair of skinny jeans and a simple white t-shirt. I heard my front door rang and I quickly went to open. "I'm comiiiiiing!" I yelled as the front door rang again. I opened the door and I saw her there. "W-What are you doing here?" I said and she opened at all the door and entered. "What are you doing here is all you can say when your sister is coming to visit you?" She said and jumped to the couch as I closed the door. "Julie..." I said and she looked at me and took a deep breath. "ok, I've just argued with dad again..." She said and I just laughed. "And to come here is the best way to hide your problems?" I asked and she just laughed. "Mum knows I'm here, by the way, I'll come back home in a couple of days. Please Emily..." She begged showing me her best puppy eyes. "I hate you." I said and she jumped and ran to me and hugged me. "Julie stop!" I yelled and she started to laugh and quickly came back to the couch and opened the TV. "So do you want me to order pizza? Lazy Friday sister's night?" She said and I just laughed and shook my head. "I have a party on Harry's house." I said and she quickly turned off the TV and put on her shoes again and walked to me. "Where do you think you're going?" I asked and she took her jacket. "To the party with you." She said and I started to laugh. "Yeah, sure." I said and I took my purse and opened the door. "C'mon Emily! Let me come..." She said and I shook my head. "No." "Why not!? C'mon I'm your sister and God, your boyfriend is Mr. Harold Fucking Styles! God only knows how fucking crazy his parties are!" She yelled and I punched her shoulder with my fist. "Shut up." I said and she laughed. "C'mon sister, we'll have fun! And for one weekend that I'm coming to visit you..." She said and I just laughed. "To visit me!? You've just come because you've argued with dad, you fucking slut." I said and we both started to laugh. "ok... I let you come just because if I let you alone in my flat I would probably need to buy a new one..." I said and she jumped and hugged me. "Yes!" She yelled and we went downstairs and entered to my car. "New car?" She asked and I nodded. "Did Harry bought it for you?" She asked smirking and I looked at her with a disgusting look. "No. I bought it by myself." And she smiled and closed the door. "So, what is the party about?" She asked as I was driving to Harry's house. "Because their new album is number one in UK and USA." I said and she looked at me. "That means that the other lads will be there too?" She asked me and I nodded. "The other lads and some other friends. Why?" I asked and she just shook her shoulders. "Nothing. " She just said and I rolled my eyes as I parked in front of Harry's house.

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