im back mfs

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Justice pov

Whats up yall im finally back well since a bitch been gone i killed five niggas. Let me tell you how this happen.

Well me Chrissy and Camille went out. Yall know we fuck shit up together. So then this nigga grabbed Camille now yall know she use to be a thot but since then she got her life together. She doesnt fuck or suck amymore she pretty good she respects herself more as she should. Well ole dude was ugly he wouldnt let her go so i swung shit thats my main. Then Chrissy swung and it was history all i could hear was Main by Mila J shit we goes in for eachother. The bouncer came and got him and we went to dance shit. We had so much fun after and chilled till some hoes bumped us. Im like excuse yall tf. They like what and stepped up thats when i took off all jewlery. I look over my friends doing the same. We fucked them hoes up we was to turnt after we left cause bitches was getting to comfrotable. We get home Darren and Erin got bitches in my house. I went off kicked all four of the niggas out like the fuck wrong with them. Me and my girls undressed and went to bed. The next morning we woke up and showered and put on sweats mines was black with a white half shirt that said Bad Bish. Camilles was red with a white half shirt that said trap squad Chrissy's was pink and said Feelin myself. We looked so cute we had our hair bone straight. I put on my concords and Camille put her bred 11's and Chrissy had her pink and white 6's. We looked bad af. We did a light beat on our faces and went to lunch since breakfast over. We drove there listening to Beautiful by Mariah Carey old but thats our shit with the top down.  We got to subway yall thought it was finna be a sit down lunch nah we had shopping to do. When we finished eating we went to the mall and when we walked in niggas was staring. We wasnt even dressed to impress. We walked in every store and came out with bags. We get to my favorite store Forever 21 i swear im in love. Me and the girls ran in and was grabing everything. Next thing i know Erin and Darren walk in with the hoes from last night. I almost beat both they ass but i got my life and bought my shit and left. Darren was staring tryna make us out and i walked passed like yall better come to the trap later love yall bye. They hoes was so mad Camille and Chrissy like you childish im like very. We got to my truck and went to drop the bags off. Then we went to the trap. The young niggas said wassup i looked over smirked and went to my office with my bitches behind me. Erin and Darren walk in like yall ignorant. Im like very and im like sit. They do and im like okay first never bring ya hoes to my house. Secondly dont bring ya hoes to my house. Thirdly make sure your hoes dont mug me cause ill beat ass. So do you have that they said yeah and they like thats it im like yeah. We walk downstairs these bitches at my warehouse. They mugging im like strike 3. Im like excuse yall dont mug. They like girl you aint running shit. Im like girl you in my warehouse im Just hoes. Girl ill murder your family and tell the police i did and they wouldnt do shit hoes. They was silent im like that right there Darren is my right hand and Erin right there is my exe slash i guess bestfriend again. So think twice before speaking to me no leave and Erin and Darren also. They left i went to my office told ppl to get back to work and chilled with my girls. We decided to leave so later we can go out. We got in we went straight to our rooms and showered and met in mine. I put on some leather shorts with a leather bra top and a black and white blazer. I put on some white Jimmy Choo pumps my hair was straight and pulled behind my ears like Kim K. Chrissy had on a leather dress with some red Jimmy Choo's. Her hair curly and she had on silver jewlery. Camille had on a white bodycon dress with pink red bottoms and her hair bone straight. She was wearing pink jewlery. We looked bad we went to one of my favorite clubs called Bounce It. Thats the spot we get in and head straight to VIP. When we get there we see Erin and Darren plus they hoes. Me and my girls grab a drink say high and hit the dance floor. Lonely by SK played and i was getting it i was rapping along. Then Dance by SK came on and me and the girls was twerking we was getting it. We was having fun till i seen the boys dancing with they hoes. We went to the VIP and chilled and drunk so much. We was tore up the boys came up like wrong im drunk so i just cussed them out. The girl dead we stood up and fell over. The boys like they fucked. They help us to my car Darren drove us home while Erin took the hoes home. Darren took us upstairs and stripped us. Camille being her usual gay self touching my thigh and Chrissy's Darren like stop she like me. He like please she like whatever. He like yall gotta pee or anything im like me he picks me up pulls my panties down and sits me down. I peed and wiped my self and he laid me back with them they was tapped. So i fell asleep with Darren laying next to us.

The next morning i wake up with a killer headache. I went downstairs to half my crew dere. I aint notice i was half naked till William handed me his long white tee. I waved and they said hi im like William go tell the girls we have company. I went to my kitchen to find Erin and Darren stupid asses making a mess. Im like wtf they like what and why you have Williams shirt on. Im like maybe cause i aint know all these niggas was here. They like our bad im like its cool they was starin me up an down.  I walked out and grabbed my mail. I seen Erins mom she waved and i did also. I looked through an saw a weird letter. I open it and it said

Dear hoe,

        I like how you took my man. But watch ima get him back.  You thought you getting shot was by someone else nope all me bitch. Wait till we meet im fire that ass up and im glad you hoe ass babies died. And yup  im in fucking Cali bitch be on the look out. And i dropped this off today so yeah i know where you live. You so high and mighty but everyone know where you lay your head. I might be watching you right now. I hope to see you soon...

P.S. tell Erin i said i love you and be ready.

Im like hell nah bitch i  yelled out im always ready bitch. Cause nigga I Hit Em Up hoe. The boys walked out like whats wrong with you im like nothing but we got war and ima find her and make her suffer. She better hope im nice cause when i find her ima grind her legs and let her watch.

I walked in with them asking questions. I just went and got dressed im ready for whatever. I left the letter on my bed Camille like bitch im helping Chrissy said me to. Im like okay get dressed nothing tight or to cute they like okay. I put on some black highwaisted leggings a black half shirt with gold chains and i put my long hair in a bun. I put gold earrings in and a lil makeup and my Wheat Timbs. The girls came in with the same shit. Except Camille had a messy bun and Chrissy had a regular ponytail. We walked downstairs i showed Erin the note. Im like you have any idea he like nah let me think on it. Im like no need im bout to find them. He like wait im like im good. I walked out with my girls and told them to be gone when i get back. My bestie called from Atlanta talking bout some bitch asked about me about a week ago (aye). But yeah im like okay what she look like he like lightskin medium hair pink lips big brown eyes and she was skinny af. Im like that sound like Erins exe before he left Ny. He like oh shit what happen im like ill fuck wit you later bye he hung up. I told the girls they like hell nah im like right im finna whoop ass. We went to the mall people was staring but shit i could care less. We walked around seeing if she was around. But nothing so i went to my warehouse and i told some of them to go looking for her and i showed them a picture. They like okay and was out. The girls like this crazy im like right. I swear ima hurt someone this so irritating i swear. They like lets go to lunch so we go to St. Louis gril and bar. It was cool and we ate laughed and talked. Then i hear a crash i look out to see a brick through my Mercedes window. I read the note and it said oh i see you found out who i am but bitch it dont matter ima win. Im like Bitch Nah You Wont hopeing she would fucking hear. I paid for our food i cleaned the glass out and went home. Everyone still there Erin like im sorry. Im like fuck your sorry im fuck her up its ya Ex Trinity. He like forreal im like who else she even admitted to it when a brick flew through my window. Im like i cant even cry nomore this bitch made sure i was shot in the stomach and everything. I swear fo god ima beat her ass before i kill her ima beat tf out if this bitch and shoot her in the stomach grind her legs and pour acid on her face. He like okay Just. Im like okay my ass i swear its going down. Then i open the door to a knife in it saying bitch come get me hoe. I yell BITCH I FUCKING WILL AND WHEN I DO DONT RUN TAKE THIS ASS BEATING HOE. CAUSE IF I HAVE TO CHASE AFTER YOU TO LONG IMA BE EXTRA MEAN AND IM MAKE IT EXTRA SLOW HOE...

I close the door another knife was thrown saying stop yelling it ain classy. Im like BITCH I YELL IF I WANT COME GET THIS ASS WHOPPIN BITCH. Erin come to the door and yelled WTF TRINITY QUIT PLAYING ME AND HER AINT TOGETHER AND YOU NEED TO STOP THIS YOU SHOULDNT HAVE KILLED ME AND HER CHILD THE ONLY ONE WE HAD LEFT.  Then and hour later i open the door to see a knife and his mom work suit saying if the baby was that important how important is yah mama nigga?..

Quick update havent updated since 2014 lol but yeah i hope you like hunties.

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