Hi,my name is Eliza, I'm 22 I have medium length red hair which falls down my back in tight curls. I am 5'9, so pretty tall for a girl and I have freckles across my nose and green eyes. I work in Starbucks (don't judge) which is good because I get a discount on the coffee. My shift is from 8pm to closing time so I don't really get that that many customers. So I was my chin was in my hand against the counter willing the clock to go faster when I heard the door open close and some low voices by the door.

"But Dan, I got the coffee last time!"

"Well then Phil, you won't have any trouble getting it this time"

I raised my head when I heard them come in standing up straight for the (cute ass) customers.

"Uh, hello can I have a medium Carmel latte and a regular coffee please."

A weak northern accent said just above a whisper.

I looked up and I swear my jaw hit the counter top, it was AmazingPhil!!

"Err, hello can I have the coffees please." Phil chuckled nervously.

"Oh!" I looked at the clock and realised that it had been 5 minutes and I hadn't said a thing.

"yeah, sure sorry I was away with Buffy, coming right up sir if you could go and sit down I will call you when they are ready."

"Okay, thanks and away with buffy?umm" he squints trying to read my name on the tag, laughing to himself.

"Umm Eliza, my name is Eliza and yeah instead of away with the fairies I say, well you know away with Buffy." I stammer nervously.

"Ahh okay, thank you Eliza, I will be over there with him" Phil points and walks back to dan. I listen  in on their conversation as I make the coffees.

Hello, this is my first fan fiction, so please tell me how I'm doing. Eliza is the girl at the front just so you you know. Please follow me so you know when I upload a new chapter. Thanking you.

DimondNight13 xxx

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