The mood surprisingly had gotten lighter because I was meeting my brother for the first time. Everything was surreal in a way almost. Sitting there on the cold concrete bare floor. We were laughing when all the lights turned off. We were submerged in darkness. 

"Boon!?" I shouted in panic.

"I'm right here no worries."

I felt something furry crawl onto my hand and quickly I just hit it off. Untill another and another little furry objecs kept getting on me. Boon was having the same troubles when a small light popped on for us to see enough dimly what was surrounding us. Hundreds of huge spiders of all types covered the floor. I let out a blood courdling scream. Hyperventalating and panick was all I knew in the moment. Boon grabbed me and wrapped me in his arms. 

After what seemed like an eternity of little furry creatures covering me, it all began to fade. Slowly the spiders were drawn away and silence had found us again. Both tremmering from the surprise and pannick.

"Are you okay?" Boon asked.

"Yah I'm fine." I lied. Obviously. 

Congrats kids. You just made it past your first test. Don't get too happy though. That was child's play compared to the future ahead of you. Just wait. In time it will all come. 

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