* Delaney's POV*

I woke up feeling cold. I went into the shower and turned the water to warm. 

Delaney- Ahhh...

I got out and out on a sundress with polka dots.

Jake- Morning.

Taylor- Morning bae! 

Delaney- Someones happy.

Taylor- Well soon you won't be.

Delaney- Why?

Jake- Cam's coming over.

Delaney- Why???

Taylor- He wants to talk to you.

Delaney- Look who's crawling back.

I shot them a dirty look and sat on the couch with all three kids.

Lana- Mama?

Delaney- Yeah sweetie?

Lana- Where's daddy?

Delaney- Uhh...

Mason- Yeah mommy? Where is he?

Avery- Yeah auntie I wanna se my Uncle Cameon.

I laughed at the word Cameon.

Delaney- He will be here soon.

They all continued to laugh and dance.

* Cam's POV*

I pulled into the drive way and knocked on the door.

Mason- Daddy???


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