Chapter 39: All For It

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After we checked in and walked back to the car I, reluctantly, put on the blindfold.

I sat in silence, scratching at it. I felt Dolph pull my hand away.

"Don't. We're almost there."

I put my hand in my lap, and a couple minutes later the car made a turn and came to a complete halt.

Dolph cut the car off and I heard his door open. My door opened a second later. He grabbed my arm and helped me out of the car.

"I feel like I'm in one of those hostage movies. Can I take this off now?"

"Not yet," Dolph said in a sing-songy voice and took my hand in his.

He dragged me a good ways, before I heard a door open. A metal door by the sounds of it.

I heard our feet as we walked, click on the ground. As if we were in a tunnel.

The ground under my feet quickly changed to something soft. Grass, maybe?

Where were we?

I heard people muttering, as we kept walking.

"Heads up!" I heard a guy yell. I yelped as I was suddenly pulled forward. By the sound of Dolph's heavy breathing, I could tell something almost went wrong.

I can't believe Dolph made me put on a blindfold, dragged me all the way here, only to lead me into danger?

"Oh heck no." I yanked my hand out of Dolph's, and ripped off the blindfold. I threw it on the ground as I looked at Dolph. "Have you lost your mind? I almost got my dang head taken off," I looked at the ground nearby to see what had almost hit me. I pointed at it, "by that football."

My eyebrows scrunched together. Football?

I looked at Dolph, who smiled in return.

I then looked at my surroundings for the first time. No way.

I jumped up and hugged him around the neck, "I can't believe you did this for me."

"Well believe it, babe." He pulled back so that he was looking at me, "I thought about that tweet that was sent to you, and when I thought of a vacation...I knew this had to be the first place I brought you. So, I called them and they agreed right away for you to come. They love you."

He looked me in the eyes, "Truth: do you like the surprise?"

I smiled, "No...I love it. Thank you."

"Well, this is only the first place I'm bringing you. This vacation is far from over."

I pulled him back into the hug. A vacation was just what I had needed.

"Hey," I let go of Dolph and turned towards the same voice that had thrown the football. "I'm sorry about the ball. My aim was a bit off."

I chuckled, "Only a bit?"

He smiled then looked at Dolph. "Thanks for coming, it means a lot. We really appreciate what you guys do."

Dolph nodded, "No problem man, and though I'm a Browns fan I really do enjoy and admire your team's work ethic."

He smiled, and thanked Dolph, then turned his attention back to me. "So you guys want to play a quick game, maybe you could even show us some tips...or wrestling moves?"

I nodded, "That sounds fun. I'd love to."

"You know, everyone knows who you are, but we haven't properly introduced ourselves." He bends over and picks up the football, then tucks it under his arm.

I stick out my hand, "Randi Jacobs. WWE Wrestler and Diva's Champion. Been a fan of this team since before I could talk."

He stood up straight and took my hand. He shook it with a nice, firm grip as I looked into his light blue eyes. "Been a fan of you since we all saw you on the roster. New Orleans Saints Quarterback, Drew Brees."

He released my hand and tossed me the ball that I caught with ease, "You ready for some football?

Yes, yes I was.

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