Eliq's POV

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My name's Eliq, I'm the son of Elsa and Jack Frost. I'm prince of Arendelle, and I am soooo homesick. My pen pal is in the hospital, her name's Amandaliov. Me and my cousin Chris are both pen pals with her. I got a text from someone, "Hey I'm Hiro Hamada! We're in the mechanics class together wanna see my Nintenbots? We could play video games together. I'm at the giant green house. " He texted. "Sure, I'm Eliq Frost of Arendelle. See you there!" I texted back. Wow first day and I'm already making friends. My ringtone goes off:
Jack Frost is calling you
Pick up the phone
Don't ignore the cold
You can't help but pick up
Answer your dad!

Ugh, I didn't like my dad. He was either gone with the guardians or trying to do something heroic for my mom. I hated my dad. Of course I believe in him but when he's gone I feel like he ignores me. He always checks up on this kid named Jamie. He's not even his son! I picked up the phone " What do you want?" I said. "Hey don't give me the cold talk. Kid, your mom is so super sad you left so I told your mother that you'd go to your house we reserved for you and your cousin Christopher. I sent a Crown Pad for you to FaceTime your mother ok?" He replied. "Yeah great. And just one thing." I said. I was going to face my fears and ask why he never spends time with me. "What?" He wondered. "Why do you hate me? Like I know your busy but, I'm your son. Your spend your time with a kid named Jamie! He's not even your son!" I said. "Kid, I-" he started to say. "I have a name, it's Eliq" I replied angrily. "I don't spend time with you because, you have powers. I want a powerless kid." He said. I dropped my Icrown, I picked it up and screamed on the phone "I HATE YOU! YOUR THE WORST DAD EVER!" I screamed. "Eliq I'm sor-" he started to say. I hung up, a snow storm was over my head. I ran to the green house and a blast of cold wind came in, making everyone shiver. "I'm looking for Hiro Hamada." I told the lady at the counter. "Hiro!!! Come down I think a friend of yours is here!" She screamed. I think she's his mom, Hiro ran down the stairs and I met him. "Oh hey! You look a lot different than I thought you'd look." He said. My phone buzzed:
A text message from Dad
I ignored it. "Who was that?" Hiro asked. " Just my dad." I answered. "Oh answer it!" He said. "No way dude my dad is such a jerk" I replied. "Let's go upstairs! I'll show you my Nintenbots! Oh and I've got Legend of Esmerelda: Quasimodo's bell tower!" We ran up The stairs to his room. He had a section closed off, "Who's bed is that?" I asked. "It was my brothers" he said. "What happened to him?" I asked. "He died trying to save a guy who used my invention to save himself. He killed my brother" Hiro said. I saw a red box, I tapped on it. "I am Baymax your healthcare assistant. How may I assist you?" A big ballon said. "It seems to me that you are angry. What had happened?" Baymax said. "My dad is ignoring me." I said to Baymax. "It's ok, things will be better!" Baymax said. Baymax hugged me, it was like hugging a big soft pillow. "Thanks Baymax!" I responded. I got a call from my mom. I picked up as quick as possible "Eliq? What's the matter?" My mom said. "Dads just being a total jerk, ask him. I'm sorry mom I'm at a friends house now I got to go, bye." I said. She ended the call with "I love you Eliq!" All of the snowflakes went away. Me and Hiro played for the whole rest of the day.

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