Prologue: Help from Pirates -

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     Emperor Morgard tipped the golden goblet encrusted in rubies forward, the cold wine met his lips greedily, and he extracted the goblet away, a satisfactory smile creeping to his lips. As his large double-doors were shoved open, the large doors wide enough for a giant to fit through,creeked open, the ebony scraping across the marble tiled floor. 

   Revealing a singular, small, cowering soldier ran to him, his breath was rapid, and an arrow on his shoulder leaked blood onto the spotless floor.

     Shouts echoed around the vaulted ceiling, tall enough for a dragon to stretch it's mighty limbs, the soldier bent in a shivering bow as he spoke. But Mogard hardly heard a word. 

  ". . . . Emperor! You Majesty! They're here! They're here! Those odd warriors that came from nowhere and started taking out our forces! They're he-" His squeaky words were cut off as Mogard rose from his throne, crafted one by one of bone in plated gold and sleek ebony. 

        The Emperor's dark dragonhide cloak slithered across the floor, with a shattering clatter, he let go of his goblet, the valauable gold crashed across the marble, the ruby shattering and the conetents of the goblet spilling across the floor.

        An involuntary, undignified, muffled squeak came from the soldier as he dropped his iron spear and round shield and attemped to back himself in a corner as the Emperor advanced. Without a word he silently raised his arm, pressure choked on the soldier's thin neck, and as if some invisible force was pulling him forward, he toppled over, inches away from his master's cold face. 

   None who ever saw the Emperor's face lived, so he had to die.

     "You fool. . .you were supposed to be kept on guard duty. Yet, you completely fall panicked when a group of rag-tag men in armor come with weapons dancing around you-"  

   "They were - teenagers, sir!" The soldier choked his last words as if they would aid his situation. With a roar, Mogard snapped the soldier's neck.

      "Teenagers!" He hissed in disgust, spitting on his floor, his voice was booming across the room, his voice colder thans ice and more paralyzing than being glared by a stone basilisk.

      He paced across the room, it wasn't long before a loud, crashing pounded on the door as if someone was beating it with a battering ram, breaking his thoughts as he eyed the door. 

  Moments later, the door split open, as Mogard saw with his own, glaring cold eyes who the soldier - lying dead on the floor - was talking about. 

  Teenagers they were. 

   He didn't have much time to examine their appearances, before a bold-faced one with dark brown hair, glistening blue eyes, wearing shining diamond armor underneath a silkly white coat with red and gold symbols, in his hands were two swords, one's blade crackled with lightning, the other was cloaked in divine light. A wave of magic surged from him. 

  Mogard raised his eyebrows. A warrior suddenly makes his appearance who wields two swords and is cloaked in magic? Interesting. 

  "Hey, gorilla-face!" He taunted, "Are you the Emperor Mogard we hear so much about? Yeah, will listen. We're stuck in this world, and we hear these things,about all the stupid things you did to this world. And if you don't give up, I'm afraid, I'm going to have to kick your a-" 

  "Pentus!" Another boy stepped up wearing a shining armor, a frown on his face as he talked to the boy who had just spoken, "Don't start this again!" - he turned his face to Mogard, he stepped forward uncertainly - "I'm Bolt Conners, and we are the Warriors, we're going to restore world, then get out of here and back to our own homeworlds. But first, we hear you run things around here. And I guess that means we're going to have to take you down. Are you going to give this up? Or are we going to do this the hard way?" 

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