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Pen Your Pride

Two updates so close together? I'm on a roll :D

This chapter is dedicated to Books_Are_My_Life because of the amazing comments they left me and the kind words of encouragement :) thank you.


"Fight. Do whatever it takes. And, if you must, lie. Tell her the truth if you truly wish, however if she does not listen, then lie."


"Because her child will be a boy. And he will be the most powerful of us all...and he will kill you if you do not claim him."

Dmitri wondered through the lively city of Paris, wrapping his coat around him as a chilly wind brushed his cheeks. It was late afternoon yet the coldness had yet to subside. Most of Dmitri's morning was consisted of his mother trying to introduce him to the 'lovely' Amelia Keegan while his father was lecturing him on how to be a strong King. When Dmitri finally managed to get away from his parents, he had this Amelia girl attempting to call him on his phone, annoyed that his mother had the audacity to give his number to her. Mindlessly wondering into a cafe, Dmitri felt a tiny body collide with his. "Ouch!" A tiny, sweet voice yelped and he saw a dainty looking woman on the ground, rubbing her backside, her lips pursed angrily at him as she gestured to her coat. "I usually like to drink my coffee, not wear it."

Dmitri stared at her. He took in her looks as if she were his own reflection in a mirror. Her red hair framed her face in simple yet pretty waves, matching her ash blue eyes and fair skin. When she stood up, he caught sight of her body and something inside him stirred alive. She was thin yet curvy and when her scent hit him, he knew she was a Werewolf. He snapped out of his trance and stole some napkins from a nearby table and offered them to her. "I am truly sorry," he said as she took them warily. "I wasn't quite paying attention."

The girl eventually smiled at him and his heart literally skipped a beat. "That's okay. I'm sorry, too. I didn't mean to snap at you. Just having a bad day." She shrugged sadly before wiping the coffee from her coat. "Well, I got most of it," she sighed. "So much for my coffee."

"Let me buy you another," Dmitri jumped in before she had time to walk away. Dmitri couldn't quite place it, but there was something about this girl, something that called to him. He wanted to know her name, her hobbies, her likes and dislikes...he wanted to hear her talk more, no matter what it was about. Before the girl could open her mouth to decline, Dmitri held out his hand to her and gave her his best smile which felt wobbly as he grew nervous. "I insist."

"Look, I don't want to be any trouble. You've apologised, that's enough for me, really-"

"Please? I wouldn't feel right if I just let you go without compensation." Dmitri gave her his best puppy-eyed look and almost jumped with glee when she chuckled and nodded in defeat. "Come on, I know a better cafe for the best coffee." Grabbing her soft, little hand in his bigger hand, he dragged her past all the rushing people and speeding cars to a few blocks over and the now stood in front of a cafe with a sign which said, "La Cafeotheque" and Dmitri opened the door for her, gesturing her inside.

Inside was a few tables and chairs covered with red table cloths with a candle in the middle of each table, the curtains were drawn so most of the place was lit up with candles. A waiter approached them with a big friendly smile. "Bonjour, comment puis-je vous aider?"

"Oui, puis-je avoir une table pour deux?" Dmitri answered and the waiter led them to a table on the other side of the cafe. Dmitri pulled out the chair for the girl and grinned as she thanked him, sat down and pulled her in. "Puissions-nous avoir les menus?" When the waiter left, the girl softly clapped with a playful smile on her lips.

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