Rosetta Alpha

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"May I have your attention please!?" Mr. Morgan says, "Thank you all for arriving promptly, and being orderly upon your arrival. I hope to further your education and appreciation of the arts during your time here. However, there will be rules and procedures you must follow for this to work. I will not tolerate trouble of any kind, and neither will your teachers. Fighting will cause for immediate expulsion.

The teachers and head staff introduce themselves. I clap for each one knowing I'll never remember the names of the new faces. My friends and I point out the old faces. Finally they are done.

Mr. Morgan continues with his speech, "We have divided you into four groups that will determine where you stay. The first group is the lovely ladies of Rosetta Alpha; please move to the table under your banner when I call your names."

Mr. Morgan gestures to the banners on the wall and we notice the names and symbols on them. There are from left to right, Prim Delta, Rosetta Alpha, Tortuga Beta, and Omega United. Prim Delta's banner is decorated in a very light purple with cherry blossoms and a peacock embroidered into the border. Rosetta Alpha's banner is a pale pink with roses and a swan embroidered in the border. Tortuga Beta is green with lilies and a turtle embroidered in the border. Omega United's banner is white with poinsettias and a chameleon embroidered in the border. Mr. Morgan calls off names. All the girls are in either Rosetta Alpha or Prim Delta, while the boys are in either Tortuga Beta or Omega United. Lana and I end up in Rosetta Alpha, while Daphne, Heather, and Guinevere end up in Prim Delta.

"Well see you Prim Delta scum later!" I say jokingly while moving to the Rosetta Alpha table.

"At least we don't have Margaret!" Heather says.

Once everyone has stopped moving Mrs. Morgan stands up and introduces herself.

Then, she explains, "these seats are not permanent and you are free to sit wherever you want during regular meals and study hall, however it is asked that you sit by group during special occasions. Now we hope you enjoy your first meal as a group and get to know each other."

On cue the kitchen staff enters with spectacular dishes, the silverware and dishes are already at the tables. It's not quite my chef's food, but it is really good. I chat with Lana, and make faces at Heather, Daphne, and Guinevere throughout the meal. Finally Mrs. Morgan dismisses us to our dormitories, where she says our bags have already been brought.

I get lost in the crowd of children. I am directed by teachers up the main staircase to the second floor where Prim Delta and Omega United are tucked down some back hallway. I keep following directions to the South Western Tower staircase where I go up to the third floor. I wind to the other side of the building where a find a fancy sign marking the entrance to Rosetta Alpha. A teacher waits outside the door.

"What's your name?" she asks as I walk up.

"Anneliese Stephens," I reply.

"Nice to meet you Miss Stephens, I'm Ms. Overn, I teach etiquette and I am also head of the Rosetta group. Here is your key to get into the dormitory, don't lose it or there will be a replacement fee," the woman says.

"Thank you," I reply politely.

I take the key and move to the doors. They are propped open. I step in and am greeted by the sight of a lovely lounge. Giant floor to wall windows take up part of the two far walls. A fireplace with a fire roars in the corner. Comfy looking pink chairs and sofas circle the fireplace. A pretty rug is in that area. End tables and a couple desks are pushed against the other walls. Artwork hangs by one window, and a trophy case is next to another.

I am trying to take it all in when I see Margaret walking towards me. The silence is broken only by the light tap of her shoes hitting the wooden floor. She doesn't speak until she is right in front of me.

"Hello Anneliese. Long time, no see. How has farm life suited you? I have to admit I feel a little offended that you chose a couple of cows over me, but no hard feelings," Margaret says, an incredibly fake smile pasted on her face.

She continues, "unfortunately you missed it, but we decided to let us older girls have the bigger room over there," she pushes a hand into my shoulder and points to the door on the left, "and the younger girls get that room."

She waits for me to look at both, and then finishes with, "Now I hope we have an excellent year, and just know that as your Rosetta Alpha sister you can come to me with ANY problems."

She embraces me in a tight hug, and then disappears into the younger girls' room. I am disgusted by the amount of fake compassion I have just been subjected to. I head to the door to my room. Rows of bunks line the walls to my left and right, with tall and narrow windows in between the beds on the right. Already girls have claimed bunks. I grab my trunk, and move down the row until I find an empty bunk partly in the middle. I reserve the bottom bunk for Lana, and begin fetching the rest of my luggage. I put some of my more personal belongings and valuables in the small locker at the head of my bed. I take the code stuck on the inside of the door and tape it to the back of my dorm key. I take a spare ribbon from my trunk and fasten the key to it, and then tie it around my neck in a necklace.

Finally Lana shows up I wave her over and help her haul her bags over. We tuck our trunks under our beds.

When we are done I ask, "Where were you?"

"I went to see Prim Delta; it's nowhere near as nice as our dormitory though. I'm pretty sure they divided it by financial and social status, but some of Margaret's group is down there," Lana says smirking happily.

"Yeah figures, I wonder what's next?" I say.

The words were out of my mouth no sooner than Ms. Overn walked in.

"Your schedules are in the dining hall along with your maps. You will have a little time to find your classes before dinner will be served, if you need help finding something just ask the staff," Ms. Overn says.

"I hope we have classes together and with Guinevere, Heather, and Daphne," I say to Lana.

"Let's go find out!" she replies.

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