January 7th, 2015

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So I still haven't talked to my mom, but I honestly don't feel like talking about it right now. I would rather talk about this one guy. Remember Jacob? Yupp, I'm going to talk about him. So Kat was right, he did end up asking me out. Earlier today I was sitting at the lunch table and all of a sudden I sense a presence behind me. As I'm turning to see who it is, Jacob plops his tray down beside mine. I instantly feel the butterflies crash in my stomach. He starts off the conversation talking about how Henry's doing. I tell him he's doing fine and tell him about how he got accepted into a college, but of course he knows about the acceptance. The whole town does. I feel his hand land on my thigh under the table where no one can see. He looks at me and said, "Remember when we were younger? I miss those days, and I was kind of wondering if you did too?" I'm stuck. I try to think of something clever to say but "Yeah, I do." is the only thing that comes out. A huge smile creeps onto his face and he said, "So we're dating now, right?" I laugh and tell him "Of course we are, ya goofball."

He squeezes my thigh a bit reminding me that it's there. We finish eating our lunch and I have to battle the looks of joy and entertainment radiating from Kat.

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