Quavo POV

Mann I do't give af what my momma say what the worst she can do?? Kick me out?

Quavo- " Mann bruhh idgaf what you guys think im not finna stop selling just cause she says so. I love my momma to death but she gotta know that im trying to help her"

Offset- " Yea you right bro, she'll get over it one day"

Takeoff- " Y she got so mad fo ( GCO)

Quavo- " Cause she don't want us to end up like my dad".

Takeoff- " But we not doee".

Offset- " mann ma needa calm down fr". " Speaking of that bruhh guess what I just find out??"

Quavo and Takeoff" Wassup??

He looked at me and was like.. O-" It's about Trisha".

Q-" Wat about her"?

O-" She work for King...

MY whole delema just changed... So this bitch wanna be slick okay I got something for her ass.

Q- " On tomorrow night, im getting out of this bitch so @ 12:00 sharp tomorrow night we all meet and I want yall to tell Trisha that I wan't her at the trap and tell her surprise for her".

O-" You got it cuzz".

Mama POV

They think that they gone sell in my house like ohh hell nawh. You got me fucked up. I dont wanna do this, but if they wanna end up like they dad and uncle then they not gone do it on my watch.

Flacko POV

I turned around and saw Trisha. " Wtf yo ass been doing her for bitch".

Trisha- " The same reason yu here for nigga, don't try to act like you all inesince.

F- " How long you been workin' here"??

T- " For 6 months...."

F- Damm wtf man thats green asf

T- " yepp thats green asf, but you aint no damn better".

F- "mann what ever just don't be by me thot ".


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