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"Ares. I will ask you again but if you do not answer me, there is nothing else I can do to help you."

Rosie couldn't bear it no more. She was tired of running. Her friends are out there waiting for the two of them to return with news. She was not going to disappoint them.

Gritting her teeth, she began to rise to her feet. Her eyes glowing in a bright shade of green.

"No. Stop with your endless lies!" She yelled at the man.

Ares and the man turned to look at her. Worry was apparent on Ares' face but she silently assured him with her eyes.

"Who do you think you are? To accuse and assume that what I say and have said are all lies is grounds for a punishment," the man said as he started to walk toward her. "Do you have any proof, Rosalyn?"

Before she could answer, the man before her started to raise his hand, ready to slap her face. But in a split second, Ares ran in front of her just in time for contact.

"Ares!" She screamed as she reached for his face, already seeing the redness on his cheek. "You idiot. Why would you do that?"

"I've already broken my promise to keep you safe always and I'd be damned if I break the promise I made to myself," he told her softly before turning his back to her. "I promised that no one will ever lay a hand on you so long as I live and I plan to live for a long time."

Disgusted, the man called for his guards to the room and with a smile he said, "We will see about that young Ares."

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