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Austin got out of the car and went to the lady walking to my car trying to stop her. She came to my car and stopped at my window. She knocked on it and I rolled it down.

"Austin arent you going to introduce me to this girl" she asked.

"This is Kacey" he said.

"Oh well hello Kacey. Im Emma nice to meet you" she said.

"She is a close friend and she lives next door. She came over for some girl time with my mom" he said.

"Your mother will be happy to see Kacey" Emma said.

"Well she has to go now" Austin said.

"Come on Kacey can you stay for a couple of minutes" Emma asked.

"Sure I guess" I said as is turned my car off and locked the doors. Austin followed me and Emma mumbling about why he is still friends with Emma. I walked into the house and it was big. Not big as my house but big. We walked into the kitchen to see a grown woman sitting in a chair. She looked up and smiled. Austin and Emma sat down to the left and right of her.

"Hello mother"Austin said.

"Hello to you too son, who is this nice young lady" she asked.

"I'm Kacey nice to meet you" I said.

"Kacey darling have a seat please" his mom said. I sat down at the seat where nobody was next to me.

"Are you ok Kacey" Emma asked.

"No I'm fine" I said.

"Then why are you sitting so far away from us" Emma asked.

"She is not much of a people person" Austin said. Austin's mother left. Austin and Emma was having they're own coversation. Austin's mom came back with some sandwiches and fruit punch.

"Kacey do you want a sandwich" she asked.

"Sure" I said. She handed me a glass of fruit punch and a sandwich. I ate the sandwich and drank the fruit punch very slowly. When I was finished I put my glass in the sink. I went into the living room and sat on the couch. Austin came out of the kitchen and sat down right next to me. It was quiet for a while.

"Sorry if my mom was scary" he said.

"It's alright I've seen worst mothers including mine" I said. Then we had a conversation on the worst moms we have seen over the years. We were so close to each other now. His arm was over my shoulder. He has lots of body heat. OH NO!!

"I have to go Austin" I said getting off of the couch.

"Kacey what's wrong" he asked. I walked out the front door. I don't want to fall in love. Austin ran out the house and stopped me before I could get to my car.

"What" I said turning around.

"What's wrong" he asked.

"Nothing" I lied. He looked hurt.

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