Chapter 4

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Halle's POV

Uno ..... due .... CAPANNA .... One..Two ... CAPANNA ... Uno ... due .... CAPANNA ...-  One....Two..  ...HUT...One...Two...HUT..One....Two ....HUT..-
I yell at the girls.
Once I said One, they dropped to the ground and did one push up, once I said Two they hopped back up and ran in place. Once I said Hut they punched the air One time.... I walked in front of the girls step by step yelling commands in Italian.... I stop...I yell stop. The girls stand back up and stay in salute position.....

" You want to be undercover, eh? Laila! " I yelled standing in front of her.

" Ma'am! " she hollers back.

" Why do you choose to be undercover? And give me a good reason. " I say looking in her eyes.

" I want to be like my mama and papa! I want to help the drug cartel, and I want to help the business and go undercover! " Laila screams back

I rub her face with a surprising grin.

" good girl. " I say pinching her cheek.

"Rachel, why are you choosing to be undercover? " I ask

" I always wanted to be a spy... Like you mama. " Rachel says

" good child, you make a strong one. "

I walk a little....

" Okii girls, you go undercover.... You look and act undercover. Do you both have disguise? And fake names? "

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