Chapter 6- Virus

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Clarke Griffen:

Everyone stands by the fire, hungry for more heat. The temperature has dropped at an extending rate these past days. We've had to group people in groups to share tents, girls with girls and boys with boys. I look up at the stars and see that they are very much awake tonight, glowing like there's not a worry in the world. I remember when my dad and I drew a picture of the stars together. My mind is drawn to Bellamy and how he never had a true dad. I look over at him and our eyes meet before he quickly darts into the drop-ship. What's going on with him? He's been avoiding me the past couple of days. I hope it wasn't something that I mentioned about my dad.

"We need more blankets." Octavia says out loud with a shiver in her voice. Nobody has been talking, so everyone heard and replied with a simple nod of their heads, including me. I step over to Octavia.

"What's going on with your brother?" I whisper in her ear. She looks at me.

"He's been acting weird around you too? I thought it was just me." I shake my head with wide eyes. "You should talk to him..."

"Why me? Your his sister."

"He looks up to you. To me, you look like the only leader." everyone looks at me a gives a reassuring smile. I look at the group with a concerned look. This is not how it's supposed to be.

" it's not supposed to be like that." I drop my arms by my side and stand up for Bellamy. I don't want to be the only leader. "Bellamy is the one who has protected you since the very beginning. He is your leader, not me."

"He chose himself to be leader. We choose you, Clarke." a boy named Monty says. Everyone shakes their heads in agreement but I slowly shake mine in disagreement.

Bellamy Blake:

"He chose himself. We choose you, Clarke." I hear Monty say. What? Why are people so against me? I've saved their butts and this is the kind of gratitude I get? Wow. And I call these people my friends. I go up to the second floor of the drop-ship and sit against the wall. I stare at the dents in the wall, put there by my foot when I lost control before Octavia was shot. I remember Clarke, comforting me. She sees a part of me that I've pushed away when I was faced with the decision of shooting the chancellor to get a spot in the drop-ship. I guess she is fit to become leader. All I can do is yell and give orders.

"Bellamy!" Clarke pokes her head through the entrance. Her face is flushes of color and beads of sweat trickle down her face. I sit up in alarm.
"Look, I don't get why your going through this phase of isolation, but it needs to stop. We need you, now!. Murphy's back and he's...he's...he's..."

"What, Clarke?!?" Her face looks as if she's become disgusted.

"He's trying to bite people." Murphy's turned into what grounders call, a reaper.

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