My parents asked Stiles if he wanted to move in with us and he said yes. So we go to his house when his parents rant home and get his stuff. We hear the door open down stairs and then talk. We can’t really make out anything they are saying. They walk up stairs and we just sneak out the window. Good thing he likes on the first floor. Then we start sprinting down the road with a bunch of stuff in our hands. We make it back to my house and just start to laugh. Then after our laugh attack we sit on the couch and watch a movie marathon of random movies. Then I fall asleep on his shoulder and he then falls asleep too. My parents come down the next morning and see us sleeping they say "aw they look so cute and peaceful."

                That morning I released it I was in Love with Stiles. I had to keep this information to myself because if this ever gets out then our friend ship. You can never go back to just friends after you fall in Love with your best friend.  This will stay between me and me.

                So we went on the field trip. It was awesome and so much fun. We went to the World of Coke. We drank Coke and laughed all day. That is when I finally fell madly in love with my best friend. But I continue to hide my feelings. The trip was fun and the Coke was good really good.

                My Bffs, Samantha and Kenzie, hung out most of the time we had so much fun together. I went completely crazy. We ran and jumped everywhere. We got so hyped up on soda and caffeine that nobody could stop us. We drank at least 5 cokes each. Our teachers tried to calm us down but that made us even crazier. The caffeine first started to wear off a Kenzie then Samantha and then finally me. We went back to the school where our parents picked us up and of course my mom took both Kenzie and Samantha home. When we dropped them off my mom asked "so how was it." I said "it was alright we had fun." Her not knowing that we went totally crazy.

                The next day at school I sat with Samantha and I told her my deepest darkest secret. That I loved Stiles! Her reaction was priceless. It was hilarious. She was so surprised she had no idea and better yet she was secretly dating his best friend Blake. But I told her she couldn't even tell him. She was so sad but so happy at the same time. She promised me she wouldn't tell anybody. And of course she told Jackson and I knew she would because she just can't help herself. I wasn't disappointed that she told him because secretly I wanted her to. I wanted her to because now he will tell him and I don't have to.

                I have the best friends anyone could ask for. They are nice, at least most of them are, and they like all my imperfections. At least that is what I thought.

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