Chapter 5~ The Past

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Ok, so before the story starts, i just want you guys to know that this part of the chapter is about Saige's past. Just incase if you guys are confused.

I used to like Hester West High, until I saw Brien cheating on me (again) with another girl. Wanna know who this girl is? Well, her name is Mackenzie Gardener. She's quite a show off and she was a tedenancy to-- well, hate my guts. She's had a crush on Brien since the 4th grade. Pretty awkward if you ask me. Now I'm sitting next to him at my new school. It's like he's some sort of stalker now. Did he follow me and my family here? Or did he move here a few days before me? This is nuts. I wonder how Mackenzie is doing about this.

Anyway, Brien and I were dating in my freshman year. He asked me out at my locker on the first floor. We couldn't keep our hands of each other since then. We always sat together on bus rides, at parties, watching movies (obviously). It was an amazing time. I dont get why he asked me out in the first place anyway. I only had two friends at Hester West High, Molly, and Gabrella. They stopped hanging out with me until they found out about me dating Brien. I don't get why they didn't like me dating him. But I knew they would be pissed if they found out. Then about 2 days later, I found out why. I saw Brien making out with Mackenzie at the back of the school. I went outside with my group for a class project for science. Then there they were. They were making out right before my very eyes. I just let him figure out I was there. after about 30 seconds. He finally looked up.

"Aw, shit." he muttered.

"Hey there Brien watcha doing out here?" I asked with a little sass.

He stood there in silence, with me and Mackenzie looked at him. After about a minute he didn't say anything so I just ran crying down the hallway. I just saw through the corner of eye, Mackenzie has her hand on his shoulder. What the hell?

When I got to the front of the school it was almost the end of the day. I just sat there on the bench waiting for the day to end. I stopped crying. I was just staring at the ground in shock. I started thinking about the time before he cheated on me. But it was with the same girl. I guess he couldn't decide who to pick. Like the schemy guy he is, that happened. Then Hunter walked up to me.

"Hey, are you okay?" he asked with concern.

"I'll tell you on the bus." he put his hand on my shoulder with his thumb rubbing the back of it.

"Okay." he said.

So then I told him the whole story. Even when Brien just stood there not knowing what to say. When we got home I just ran upstairs than stopped at the corner to hear the conversation.

"Alright," dad asked, "What the hell was that?"

Hunter sighed, "Brien cheated on her, again."

"Is she okay?" mom asked

"When I got outside she was just sitting on the bench staring at the ground."

"Wow, what a dumbass that Brien kid is."

Then I went to my room and that was the end of that.

Now we're at the present. Saige's POV.

Now all our clases ended, it was time for lunch.

"So do you know that new kid Brien," Kate asked, "He came like 3 days before you guys."

Me and Hunter looked at each other.

"Brien used to go to our old school, he's my ex."



"So what happened?" asked Dylan said on the edge of his seat.

"He cheated on me, then I gave him another chance, then he cheated on me again."

"Wow, that's lousy."

"Yea, it is." Hunter said with a tiny chuckle.

After lunch, we all headed home on the bus. I sat with Dylan again.

Dylan's POV

Okay, I don't know who this 'Brien kid' thinks he is, but he doesn't desvere a girl like Saige. She's an amazing girl. I don't get why any guy would do something like that to a girl.

"So, how was your first day at East Cove High?" I asked.

"It was good," she said with a deep breath," some things I didn't expect to happen.

"Like Brien?"

"Yea," she had a smirk on her face, "He didn't mention him moving here at all."

Then we all got home.

Ok I know that this series is little boring right now, but trust me, the story is gonna get better. trust me, I have the story all planned out. See you later lovlies!

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