Chapter 4: Locked Away and Forgotten

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The TARDIS was a place the Doctor would always recognize the second he entered it no matter what it looked like. It was his ship, his home, his life. If there ever came a time where he would have to give himself up to save the TARDIS there wasn’t a doubt in his mind he wouldn’t. Not only was it the most dangerous piece of technology in the wrong hands but it was the only thing left from his home, and it had done far less regrettable things than he had.

So when his mind brought him to the TARDIS to confront whatever it was inside of him that wanted to destroy him he wasn’t surprised that he went to the safest place he knew. But the usually bright orange glow that filled his beloved ship was filled with a blood red aura. The Cloister Bell rang constantly like an out of control bell tower sending the ringing sound through the entire TARDIS.

“Well I knew that you wouldn’t figure it out right away but that was especially slow.” A voice said behind the Doctor. That voice, he thought, I know that voice. “Well of course you do.” The man behind him said with great disappointment in his voice. “Did you hit your head since the last time we met cause I could have sworn you were more clever than this.”

“How did you know what I was thinking?” The Doctor said without turning around to see who he hoped wasn’t actually there.

“I’m in your head you moron. Anything you think I hear; also no amount of hoping is going to hide the fact that I’m here.” He said walking into view so the Doctor could face him. “Or did I ever leave in the first place?”

The Dream Lord as the psychic pollen had called itself looked up at the Doctor with a sly smile. He knew that it was only a certain amount of time before the Dream Lord made another appearance. He sometimes felt a shifting inside his thoughts that told him he wasn’t alone in his mind; this was just the inevitable.

“Last I saw you you were just a reflection.” The Time Lord looked over to the place on the council where he had seen the reflection of the Dream Lord instead of his own face after a long battle between dream and reality. “You were just a mind parasite eating at my darkest thoughts and making suns that burn ice. But you're quite a long ways from just putting my friends and me into a dream state; pulling people across the boundaries of the universe.”

“Let me guess.” The man said fixing his bow tie that was a perfect reflection of the Doctors. “You want me to tell you how a few specks of pollen stuck in your time rotor could snatch a few people from memories you didn’t know that you had and universes you didn’t know existed.”

“If it’s not to much trouble.” The Doctor said with a kind, yet strained, smile.

“Well dofus have you ever heard of gravity? Second you through me out of those doors I was pulled to the largest mass, it took a while but I was patient.” The Dream Lord disappeared and reappeared next to the large window at the side of the TARDIS and looked out into space. “Because it was a star I was being pulled to and once I hit it. Wow it was amazing all of that heat I just sucked into me. I was basically omnipotent.”

“If you were so powerful why come back to little ol’ me you could have taken a whole planet, a whole solar system under your spell.”

Appearing next to the Doctor and gripping the Time Lord strongly around the shoulders the Dream Lord spun them both around in circles like a little child before the Doctor backed away from the crazed figment of his imagination. “I could have easily taken over any solar system I wanted but none of them are compared to you, you’re grief. Doctor you have seen things and felt things that most wouldn’t imagine, and for longer than most live. All of the things you have done and seen and will see and do are enough to drive anyone to insanity. Also the amount of friends you have buried while you live on in this empty place it’s,” he stopped himself and collected his thoughts. “The darkness inside of you is delicious. It could sustain me for an eternity.”

The Doctor would be lying if he said he wasn’t slightly taken back by everything that the Dream Lord had said about him, but he was always one for having a good poker face. “Then why the others, you could have just easily made me slip into a neverending sleep; the Ponds would be unable to save me and you would get what you wanted without having to drag seven people to an abandoned planet in the middle of nowhere.”

“My god you are thick you know?” The Dream Lord said with a dramatic sigh and roll of the eyes. “I was bored. After I did a bit of digging in your head I found them locked away and forgotten about, and I thought it would have been fun.”

“No you play games. There is always a reason for everything and simply being bored isn’t good enough. You may be in my head, but you also are part of my mind I know how you think.”

Laughing a bit the Dream Lord started to clap. “Now that’s what I’m talking about. That fire in your eyes, it’s like I can see Gallifrey burning in there with all of that rage. But you are right I have other reasons but if I told you everything where would the suspense be? Think big Doctor.” He roared with a cheerful smile added at the end.

Suddenly the crimson red glow faded back to orange and the Cloister Bell stopped ringing. “Finally decided to stop trying to kill me then?”

“Oh I will kill you eventually, you know after I’ve sucked every last drop of who you are out of you. But this,” he motioned to the newly repaired TARDIS, “that was just to get you to notice me. But we’ve had our chat and it’s time for you to wake up, but don’t worry.” An evil smile stretched across his face. “You’ll see me again soon.”

(A/N) Well then here we go. I have the story line all set up so now all that there is left to do is write and today seemed like the perfect day to since I have a snow day. Well more like a it's-freaky-cold day but hey I'll take it. Also all info I'm getting on the Dream Lord is from Doctor Who wikia so it's all factual and not made up, except for what happened to him after he was pulled into that sun.

Stupid gravity.

Video in the multi media section is not by me but kinda shows the sadder side of the Doctor so be warned it is a sad video but it is also one of my all time favorite fan vids

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