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Pen Your Pride

Chapter 24

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(Jerome's POV)

I saw Sarah making out with some guy. I ran over and pulled him off. I couldn't believe what I saw.


"Oh hey man!" His breath wreaked of alcohol.

Sarah jumped over to me and kissed me on the lips. I pulled her back and shook it off.

"Ryan! What are you doing here?" I yelled over the music.

"Visiting you guys!" He cheered.

Sarah was still hanging on me, with her lips on my cheek. She was mumbling something.

"JEROME! WE HAVE TO GET OUT OF HERE!" Kaila popped out of nowhere.

"What? Why?" I asked

"We're in danger. Everyone in here is. Take Sarah and leave!" She pushed me.

Sarah mumbled something again.

"Dear God, save me from these demons... Amen..." Sarah mumbled over and over into my shoulder.

I let her lie down in the back and I drove home. Her car was still there but I could get it later. Right now, what's important is that I get her to bed.

When we got home I dragged her up the stairs.

"God Sarah, you weigh so much." I said in pain.

Carrying someone up the stairs isn't exactly the easiest thing. I laid her down onto our bed and kissed her goodnight.

I could still hear her mumbling

"Dear God, save me from these demons... Amen..."

"Dear God, save me from these demons... Amen..."

"Dear God, save me from these demons... Amen..."

What does that mean?

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