Part 8

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You don’t know what’s going on!

Everyone loves a conspiracy. Music is listened too by the majority and the music industry controls what we listen to. Sometimes we don’t pay attention to the real meaning of the lyrics we listen too but it is controlled all the same. One of my goals was to open people’s eyes to the bigger picture. My personal litmus test was always to read my lyrics to see if they made sense without music. Some rhymes were all about flow and the grammatical word play was non-existent. I struggled to listen to rap like that, if it was about the beat give me an instrumental.

Music videos are a way for an artist to show the public the real story for their song. Many use symbolism to get their point across. Some would live out the fictional characters they would invent in their rhymes. Some would hint at things a little deeper and darker. And when you know what to look for, you begin to realize how frequently they pushed out this type of propaganda. There are several symbols placed in the music videos of certain artists that are closely associated to the illuminati. Subliminal messages have been used in early advertisement commercials. In the cinema they would flash an image of coke before the break. That was the time there would be a snack break in the main feature. It was used to get something into the audiences mind without them consciously knowing. Your subconscious mind captures everything you don’t. Backward masking was talked about so much when I was starting out. In the studio we played ‘Another one bites the dust’ backwards and you could just about hear a voice saying ‘Smoke Marijuana.’ This was all so real and also very sinister. 

Is the music industry a part of the illuminati’s agenda to accomplish their goal. They want to convince us that we need to live a life that is geared toward becoming rich and famous. And some people in this world would do anything to get there. New artists are confronted with this when they want to break into the industry. But in order to sign with the major record companies they have to be willing to work with the agenda that they set.

Who controls who makes it in the music business? If the media does not push you as an artist you will not be heard. So for an artist to blow up they need the support of the media. Now, who controls the media?

Music has connected people throughout the years. You have to listen to the lyrics and not the beat. Sitting and reading through books, getting together with friends and all the talk is about the conspiracies. We spent many nights researching end times prophecies, who the anti-Christ is and when will he be revealed. ‘Sabotage yeah that’s right disguise the truth while the hypocrites get hype.’ Bibles open checking it against current world affairs; you don’t know what’s going on. The mark of the beast, microchip implants under the skin, one world currency. Have we lost our freedom, as cameras are situated all around us? All our information flies around our heads in this multimedia led revolution. Bank records, criminal records, what we spend our money on, our medical records, who we call on our phones, have all got the type of technology that keeps our information kept on a global database. The New World Order to me is all about a global monetary system and world religion. Henry Kissinger said, “By controlling energy we control nations, by controlling food we control individuals.” By controlling music you can influence an entire generation. We need to wake up to the impending threat. Within the ghetto we all knew about controlled communities, drugs being leaked to pacify a generation after the riots. What has happened in our communities we have seen on a larger scale?

I watched as countries were made to lose their independence through a process we now know is called overseas privatisation. The money lenders loan large amounts of money to a country. Its leaders sign policies with certain conditions, after a number of years the money lenders then call on these conditions to be fulfilled and the country has no choice but to comply. It’s similar to a loan shark. In order to fulfil the policies the countries government will have to undergo change. Many household institutions will be abolished, and shares will be sold overseas. The end result will be that the debt has been paid but the country will be left with no money and no assets. The country will become unmanageable and a global interdependence enforced. This will effectively achieve the abolition of war and pave the way for the one world government. These principles will be spread to other countries in order to destabilise each nation's government thus making it easier to control.

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