Eight|| Knock Knock Knock

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Knock knock knock
Knock knock knock
Knock knock knock

I starred at the ceiling, the knocking wouldn't stop, no one would, answer it. I stayed still, stiff, frozen, my body un bake to move even if I wanted to. It haunted me, ticking from side to side in my skull.
Knock knock knock
Why won't it stop?
Knock knock knock
Why isn't anyone answering it?
Knock knock knock
Why does it seem familiar?
The pattern of the three knocks.
Knock....Knock knock.
The more I listened the more familiar it became and the more terrifying I found it.

I jumped nearly out of my skin as my phone vibrated as if it restarted my stopped heart. Gulping I tilted my head, slowly an stiffly. My phone as alight, flashing as it buzzed..... But no message was perceived. Breathing in deeply I let out a shaky breath and sat myself up. The knocking was ricocheting through the floors and up my spine.
,y feet touched the oddly freezing floor, making me gasp slightly before I let my weight fall onto my legs and I creeped across my room.
Once outside my room, the knocking only got worse, now echoing throughout the house, bouncing of walls and rippling through my skin.
I tiptoed down the stairs, then down the other flight until my feet hit the ground floor. My throat was dry, my palms sticky with sweat. I couldn't ion pout the knocking. For my first thought was the door, but once In front of the looming double door that lead to the sane outside world, the sound still echoed from behind me. I turned, and as my eyes set upon the basement door the echoing knocks shot toward it and once again became a single noise.
Knock.....knock knock.
I swallowed thickly, and painfully as my dry throat grabbed onto the salvia a trapping it in my throat. On impulse I stepped toward the door, every step taking my heart up a notch. My hand slid onto the brass handle, turning it cautiously.
Steep, dark stairs dropped before me. To the side of me was a dangling string, I pulled it. A weak excuse of a bulb flickered on, illuminating the steps down. The light only reached so far down and slowly I soaked myself into darkness, only the petrifying knocking guiding me. And as my foot hit the icy basement floor I knew exactly what it was.
"Clara" he whispered in my ear. Where breath should be warm his was frozen, and it slid down into my heart, freezing my body as it pulled frozen blood around.
I pulled the string in front of me to turn the basement light on. It swag gently side to side and let me gaze upon the chair, spot lighted under the the bulb, in it's own pool of light.
Suddenly the door bell rang. The sound shooting through me like a bullet and startling my senses. My body was uncontrollably shaking as I took a last glance at the chair before I brought myself back up to landing, once again underneath the double doors.
Knock.....knock kn-
I opened the door hastily.
Although I was expecting him, I wasn't expecting what I saw. I stumbled back, my hand grasping my mouth, tears stinging my eyes and un audio able mumbles and gasps came form my shaking head.
He stood there, eyes dead, shattered. Hair scuffed and collar torn. A deep scratch engraved into his cheek, spilling out tormented blood which dripped down his neck, soaking into his white shirt and painting it red, and into the corner of his mouth so when he smiled his dazzling white teeth held a stained red imprint.
"Hello Clara" he said in a voice so polite and welcoming it shocked me. "You look lovely tonight"
His foot stepped into the house, bringing his body in and striding into the dinning room. I shook my head and tried hopelessly to calm my breath.

"Get out" I ordered, storming into the room and standing the opposite side of the table to him. He sat in that chair. The 5th one.
"I find it rather hurtful you took my Chair away" he stated, a pout on his beaten face.
"Your-" I nearly chocked "your chair?" I squeezed out, my throat suddenly dry again making my pice horse and rough. He smiled. An evil smile. And slowly his face changed before my eyes.
His deep wound zipped itself up, the blood soaking into his pale skin. His smile became gleamingly white again and his eyes; a life shot into them, sparking up the bright green colour and adding the intriguing sparkle.
"Yes my chair, do you remember now? Clara"
My chest rose and fell with fright, he scared me, and he knew it.
"I must thank you for inviting me tonight, your parents seem awful kind. Just be where you get your charm from" he stopped and gave a wink "oh, could you pass the salt?"
And right then the world dropped, the room fell and I was in a nothingness. An empty place. No light. No sound. No touch. A single word fell out my mouth.
The world reminded and I was flown back every memory coming to mind, flashing past my eyes, scaring them and whipping my thoughts.
A letter
A rose
A dress
A neck less
The beach
Late nights
First times
The car
He rain
That night
His death

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