Thursday 8th jan

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So, I was with apple and her mum, and we were on an excitingly weird excursion together. So apples mum warned us not to buy anything when we went through the portal, otherwise we will get lured into buying more and more. I gave apple that look that says 'I'm gonna do it anyway' and she gave me that look that says 'you better not or I'll choke you'. And so me and apple jumped through the portal after her mum was finished explaining.

It was DARK. Like, really dark. Anyway there was loads of red themed market stands, with red dragon people selling stuff at em. Me and apple began to aimlessly walk around.

Then, we came to a shop selling dragons. I began to get VERY exited. She said "no it will lure you into buying more!!" And I replied "no I can control temptations." And I bought the dragon.

It was a greeny grey serpentine one, that had one set of arms and a flat oval body.

We kept walking around and I just kept buying more and more, despite apples clear, stern warnings. I couldn't stop myself, it just got worse and worse.

Then suddenly cors was with us, and we were walking on a path when a black snake appeared and scared us to death.

Then bam! Me and apple were riding a red serpentine dragon, and I can't remember much, besides kidnapping a little girl dressed in red robes and black hair.

So yea. I don't know. Seemed cool though.

Anyway guys,

Love Enders,
Love video games,
Love the digital realm,

Stay classy~


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