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I woke to the smell of bacon and immediately knew something was wrong we only had bacon on Sundays or when something was wrong and considering today is Thursday I knew something had happened.i quickly got ready for school slipping into a pair of dark blue high waisted skinny jeans and a blood red tank top finished with my leather jacked plus a hint of makeup. I put my red converse by the door and pulled my hair into a high ponytail . When I was finished I made my way downstairs ad into the kitchen where my mother stood slaving away behind the stove look very professional in her pencil skirt suit."morning mom" I said wearily waiting for the bad news. She turned around a fake smile sat upon her face "hi darling how are you ?"
"I'm okay but what the matter mom why are you cooking bacon it's not Sunday so something must be wrong so what is it ?"
"Just go to school sweetheart I will tell you when your dad gets home. I love you"she called as I walked out of the room to get my bag
"Love you too" i yelled back whilst waking out of the door.

School was a drag as always by lunch time our class had made all 3 of our supply teachers either cry or get so pissed off with us they left the lesson and never came back... I was in the line for pasta when I heard a scream followed by a 'you bitch' here we go again of course Tiffany and Brittany were have another one of their moments (they will be friends in ten minuets to fall out again tomorrow) once I have my food I strolled over to my usual table where Leah, Millie ad Beth sat. They we all currently complaining about the whiny high pitched cake face populars. After lunch was maths and history. Before I knew it u was driving home and that's when it hit me THE NEWS! How could I forget the bad news mon was going to tell me, oh no last it was that my bunny snowball had died ...

I was currently my room until I heard the front door open and my father walk in. It's time for the news i thought.

"Sweetheart me and your father have something to tell you"my mother paused looking at my father for reassurance before continuing "you remember Lisa, Lisa wilde you godmother in America well umm you see..wearegoingtoaustraliasoyouwillbestayingthere" she said really quickly.
"Mom can you say that again but slower".....

Okay soo ... What do u think then ????

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