Why did he do it?

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Rosalie's point of view:

I got out of the shower to see Dean was gone.

I checked my phone and Michael still hadn't texted back wow did what I said work?

Hopefully so.

I get dressed and hear my phone ring.

I answer it without looking.

Thank god it was Paige and not Michael.

"Hey Paige whats up?" I asked. 

"Are you busy?" She asked.

"No Im just sitting in my hotel room bored." I sighed. 

"Meet me in the gym and we can workout together." She said then hung up.

I quickly changed into my workout clothes and went to meet her at the gym like she had told me to.

When we got there Seth, Roman and Dean were in there working out but left soon after we arrived.

"Has Michael texted you lately?" She asked while we were running on treadmills.

"Yeah wanna know what he said?"

"Of course." She said and smiled as I stopped the treadmill and took out my phone.

I went to my messages and saw something that I didn't send.

'Hey it's her boyfriend Dean Ambrose and if I ever hear of you texting my little Angel ever again I'll beat the hell out of you. And don't think I won't I'm a professional wrestler and I'm not afraid to kick your ass. Have a nice fucking day!'


I read this to Paige and she's as shocked as I am.

Why would he take up for me?

Why would he care?

"Wow Ambrose does have a heart." She says breaking me out of my train of thought.

"Yeah but why would he say that to Michael if he acts like he hates me all the time?" I said confused.

"I guess he shows love by hate." I thought about what she had said for a minute then remembered I have a match with Layla tonight on Smackdown.

I'll beat her easily.

Hunter said make it fast and simple because I have a promo to do afterwords.

So after working out a few more minutes with Paige I went back to my room to pack my stuff since we will be leaving tomorrow.

When I got there Dean was in the room shirtless with some jeans on.

His hair was wet so I could tell he had just gotten out of the shower.

I didn't want to bring up the Michael thing so I went straight to my bag and started packing.

"You know we don't leave until tomorrow morning right Rosalie?" Dean had said while I was packing.

"Oh um yeah I know I just want to be ready to head to Ohio as soon as I wake up." I said quickly and kept packing.

"That's right the next show is in Cincinnati I totally forgot."

Why does he care about Cincinnati?

Ugh he keeps distracting me!

Shut up and pack dumb ass.

"So why do you care so much about Cincinnati?" I ask.

Idiot why didn't you just keep your mouth shut?!

Ugh sometimes I seriously think I have problems.

"Oh um no reason really it's just a nice place." He said

"Really? I've never been there."

"Oh yeah it's beautiful and has lots of neat places." When he said that he kinda looked like he was remembering something so I kept my mouth shut.

After I finished packing I laid my bag on my bed and grabbed my bag with my ring gear in it and took out my phone.

I saw Dean look in my direction.

"I'm about to text Paige and see if she wants to ride with me to Smackdown." I said so he wouldn't get suspicious.

So I texted her.

Me: Hey Paige want to ride with me to the arena?
Paige☠️🖤: Sure I'll be down in 5

Well that was fast I said to myself as I walked out of the room and to the elevator.

When I got down there she was all ready to go.

"So was Ambrose in the room?" She asked raising an eye brow.

"Yeah but he didn't mention the message."

I wonder why he didn't say anything about it.

Eh I shouldn't care anyways.

"My truck is right here." I say pointing to my black Ford Raptor.

She looked like she nodded her head in approval and I kinda laughed.

"I may not show it but back home I was really country and you can't really tell anymore but deep down inside I still have that country girl wanting to come out. And yes I'm a ford girl." I said smiling. 

"Well I can't tell the difference in trucks anyways so yeah.." She said and kinda looked down which made me laugh again.

Just as I was about to start my truck I heard a knock on the window. It was Seth, Dean, and Roman.

Great more Ambrose trouble.

I rolled down the window.

"Hey um Rosalie can I ask a favor?" Seth said rubbing the back of his neck.

I sighed.

"What is it Seth? We are kinda trying to get to the arena." I said not wanting to interact with Dean.

"You see that's the problem we kinda need a ride my piece of shit car broke."

I sighed and nodded.

Just my damn luck right?

They all three got in the back of my truck and I started to drive to the arena.

On the way there me and Paige played with the radio and sang along to Nickelback, Black Veil Brides, and I sung a little of Luke Bryan and Jason Aldean.

We got there 30 minutes later and the boys thanked me for the ride and headed inside for Smackdown.

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