I am trying to tell him to stop fucking with these hoes but he just staring at me until my phone rang ...it's my Baby!! 

(Phone Convo )

Me:Hey Baby

August: Hey Babygirl where are you right now?

Me: I told you I was coming Trey's why?

August: Yeah right. We will talk 'bout that later Moe.

I hung up on his ass then cause I wasn't trying to hear shit he had to say!  I'm grown I can talk to who I want. Then I feel his eyes burning  holes in my face. I look up at Tremaine and he just staring at me and then he ask "NaNa why are you always upset baby? " I swear he is my bestfriend but he is just too damn sexy!! I want him so damn bad!! I am not even gone flex right now!!  But I am not a basic bitch.  So I will  keep that to myself. When I stop thinking to myself.  I got up and went to the mirror across the room and started to sing. Then I see a set of strong arms wrap around my waist and I feel his body  press into mine. Then he starts singing along. Keeping my eye contact from his position in the mirror behind me. Then he made me turn towards him and we both sang together

We in no rush girl
It's just us girl
Let me know wassup girl
Wassup Girl?
Cause I'm tryna slow it down
(Beat it up)
Go down
(Eat it up)

We erupted into laughter at the dances we did to go with the lyrics. He stops laughing to stare at me and says "Maybe I should introduce you to the music world girl your voice is beautiful baby. " I just looked down as my face flushed red  and said "Thanks Trigga. "

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