Sponsor three: Tassa Nouveliac

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Owner- AmandaShadowhunter

Name- Tassa Nouveliac

Age- 21

Favorite Districts- "One and two of course, they always put on the best show! The games would be nothing without them! And those opening ceremony costumes are always to die for, no pun intended. And District four, I was always jealous of them! Getting to lounge around at the beach all day. They must have it so good. If I want to go to the beach I have to take a two hour hovercraft ride!"

Personality- Bubbly and oblivious to what life is really like. She loves shopping and spending her money. And she's addicted to anything that sparkles.

Description- she never looks the same way twice! She is usually sporting the latest colors and hair pieces from the biggest designers. Currently, she's very into lavender.

What I look for- "In a tribute, I'm looking for it all! The whole package! Weapons training, stamina, feisty personality, and of course, looks!"

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