Chapter 1

                "Hey it Abbie call me back as soon as you can bye.." why won’t he answer me it there something wrong. I hope not maybe I should call him again. "Ring ring” " your call has been forwarded to a direct messaging system. Please press 1 for more options" "beep" 'Hey why arrant you answering the phone call me back." ok now I know there is something wrong I need to go over there.  I'm here. There are some really loud noises coming from the house. I ring the doorbell. "Ding dong" Nobody answers 2 seconds later. "Opens door" hey is Stiles there. The woman says "yes but he is unavailable right now. Do you mind me asking who you are? ““Oh yes it’s his friend Abbie. ”Oh thanks I’ll make sure he gets back to you. ““Ok thanks. Bye."

                The next day at school I see Stiles but the weird thing is that he has his head down all day I wonder why. I walk up to him after 5th period but he won’t make eye-contact with me. I pull his head up and he has a black eye and a swollen jaw. I ask "did your dad do this to you." He doesn't reply. So I say "you are staying at my house tonight.” He nodes ok.

                That night he comes over and we have dinner. After dinner he helps me clean up the dishes. My mom comes up behind me and says "he would be perfect for you." I start to blush she sees it but doesn't react the way I thought she would. He sleeps in my room but on the floor. My mom comes it to tell me good night and then leaves. We stay up all night and talk. The next morning he wakes me up because my mom tried and I wouldn’t stay awake. We go down stairs and eat breakfast then I get ready to go to school. Stiles gets ready my big brother lends him some of his cloths and then we leave for school.

                School was horrible today we had 5 tests to take and it SUCKS so much I failed like 1/2 of them. Stiles' eye is looking better than it did yesterday which is good. We went to all of our classes. Right after school we jump in my car and drive by the way, it’s a Friday, we drive and drive till there was nothing but open road. Then we stop at Waffle House and get some food then drive some more. We drive till it gets dark. Then we check into a motel, I always have enough money for a motel in my car. We stay there till morning then call our parents to tell them where we are and of course they freak out like always.

                We start to drive home then it starts to rain so we decided to go into the mall and wait out the rain we end up buying a whole lot of stuff most of it candy. Then when the rain finally stopped we get in the car and drive home. On the way home we stop to eat again but this time at Taco bell we eat in the car and make a GIANT mess. I drop him off at his place and before I left I heard yelling like really loud yelling. I drive home and get ready to go to bed, but while I get in my pajamas I hear a thud on the window I look down and Stiles is there I walk down stairs and opened the door and ask "why are you here so late." he says "my parents kicked me out because they said I was a descries to the family. So could I stay here a couple of nights or until I can make some money to check into a motel." I say "ya sure I can help you with the money. He says “thanks I will pay you back I promise." I say ok. He comes in and we both sleep.

                The next day at school our teacher gives us a permission slip for our upcoming field trip. She says we need a parent signature. Stiles and I make full on eye contact then quickly look away. He comes over to my house. I ask my parents if Stiles could stay here for a couple of days they say yes BUT he has to sleep on the couch.

                Two days later his parents call my parents and ask if Stiles is here they say yes and ten minutes later the doorbell rings, and I am the unfortunate one who answers the door the come barging in asking where is my Stiles. Stiles come out of my room. He takes one look at them and then walks back into my room. They stare to me and say "you did this to my family. You will pay."  Then that is when my parents walk in and earlier that day I think they herd Stiles and I talking about his parents and what they do to him because what happened next made Stiles come out of my room. My parents went full on Godzilla on them they yelled and screamed at them for what they did to Stiles. I kind of started to laugh it was horrible but funny at the same time i turned around and Stiles was gone I walk into my room and he is sitting there crying because nobody had ever stood up to his parents like that before.

                Stiles is still here my parents wouldn't let him leave. I told them about the field trip and they said they would sign the form for both of us and if the teacher had any questions or complaints to call them and they would get it figures out. So we turned in our forms and the teacher had no questions.


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