Getting My Wand. Almost

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I hear snickers, chuckles, bursts of laughter, and talk about me. I don't like it, but I don't care. Unicorns... Of all the sweatshirts my mum could have brought, it was unicorns. Maybe it was for Lily if she was to barf like me. I run to my family and give my mum the 'seriously' look. She just laughs along with the rest of the wizarding world. We head to Olivanders to get my wand.

"Mr. Potter, I have been waiting for you, come here, come here." Olivander says as I hobble over. "Hmmm... This might work." He pulls a box out and hands me a wand. "Do you see my plant over there?" I nod "Why don't you water it."
A cracking noise fills my ears, I can't help but screech.
"Not this one, I suppose." Says Olivander. I place the wand awkwardly into the box.
"Try this one, Mr. Potter." He hands me a long wand, probably 15 inches. "Now light that candle." I nervously wave the wand when bad thoughts come in my head. I could set the whole shop on fire, or I could aim wrong and set fire to Olivander's beard, or I could even kill my whole family with this little wave! I don't even realize that I'm waving the wand all over the place, setting fire to no one in my family, not Olivander's beard, not the candle, but my hair... I'm dead. I know I'll be made fun of if I don't get the fire out! I don't even realize my brother pulling out his wand and saying something. I couldn't hear it mostly because I passed out. But my head wasn't burning anymore. It felt cooling, almost like water.

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