Chapter 3: Graduation day

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        After struggling again to activate his eye of speed, Nakaru and his brother enter the walls and start their walk down the bottom of the stairs.

Komaru: You sure recovered pretty fast from yesterday's race.

Nakaru: Yea, I thought it would take a lot longer to get back to normal but at this rate I'll be fine by tomorrow.

Komaru: Think it was because of your eye of speed?

Nakaru: Maybe, but I don't see why it would help me recover... Anyway, so how has school been so far? They haven't started brain washing you yet have they?

Komaru: Brainwash me? Why would they...

Nakaru: I'm just messing with you. They haven't been giving you any problems have they?

Komaru: Only a couple kids give me looks like the people in the streets but I'm getting along with the others. Did I tell you I've made three friends already?!

Nakaru: Thats good to hear Komu. Just remember what I told you.

Komaru: I know, not to trust anyone. But they're a lot of fun. Koran...

        Komaru continues talking about his new friends as they walk to the bottom of the settlement. Once they get to the bottom Komaru immediately retrieves his wooden knives and has Nakaru watch over him as he practices throwing them. When Komaru practices he gets into a zone that amazes Nakaru every time. He decides to activate his eye of speed this time to see how it affects his vision. Once he gets it into position, he sees his throws much more clearly and slowly. He is able to notice how faithful Komaru is being to the technique in his throws and shows complete control. Impressed by his brother's ability, he deactivates his eye of speed and has Komaru stop. Komaru immediately breaks out of his zone and goes back to his usual self. This change freaks Nakaru out as much as it does when Komaru enters his zone.

Komaru: Did I do something wrong Naka?

Nakaru: Not at all, you were flawless.

Komaru: So why did you have me stop?

Nakaru: I think it's time for you to start practicing on harder targets.

Komaru: Like what? We don't have any moving ones...

Nakaru: We don't? How about this?

        Nakaru throws a rock which throws Komaru off guard and has him flinch.

Komaru: That wasn't fair! You didn't tell me you were going to throw it.

Nakaru: Exactly. But I think you can do it.

        Nakaru takes most of the knives and has Komaru hold onto four of them.

Nakaru: To start, you're going to defend yourself from by throws by using your knives to deflect them. That means no dodging. Once you're comfortable, try throwing yours at mine to deflect them before you reach them. Ready?

        Komaru enters his zone again and Nakaru starts his throws off slow.

Komaru: You don't have to go easy on me you know!

        Nakaru picks up his pace but Komaru is able to handle it. Komaru finally throws his knife for the first time and stops one of Nakaru's half way threw the air. Nakaru pauses for a bit, surprised that his brother managed to do it on his first try.

Nakaru: Wow, you're really getting the hang of this Komaru. Are you sure you haven't been practicing without me?

Komaru: Well... Maybe once or twice...

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