Chapter 18

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Kian's pov:
After us 3 walked in, Jc decided to make us dinner. So me and Em went up to my room.

"What's up?" I ask her, forcefully. I usually don't like to be this harsh but I love her, even if I won't say it out loud, and I won't let anything bad ever happen to her.

"I just thought that. Idk. I guess I just think, Why are you trying being my friend after you did this? "

"Maybe she just feels bad Em"

"I don't know. Maybe. They always were that way"

"C'mere" I tell her. She sits by me on y bed, and looks at me in the eyes.
"I'm gonna take you somewhere tomorrow, that's really nice. You can spend the night here with me, if your comfortable with that of course. It'll be perfect."

"Where will this perfect date with you be?" She asks.

"Ah now that's the best part, it's for me to know and you to find out." Then i smile my heart out.

Emily's pov:

After Kian decides not to tell me, Jc yells out to us and says that dinners ready.

Which really just meant that he made popcorn and ordered pizza.

"Hey should I call conner? Does he know I'm here?" I ask.

"Already did!" Jc yells from the other room.

"Thank you thank you thank you." I yells back.

So my night consorted of that. It was pretty amazing.

At like 1:00 Kian and I headed upstairs, he let's me borrow a tshirt and shorts to sleep in

"Aww you look so cute in my clothes"

"Ha-ha, now scoot over ki-ki"

And then he cradled me, he was so warm. As I breathed into his neck I could smell him, he smelled like the beach. And then with the beach in my mind, I fell asleep.

Hey sorry, short chapter. And I haven't given you anything for like a week, I'm sorry school is taking up priority at the moment. I'll get more out soon! -maddy xoxo

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