The Letter

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WHAT'S GONNA HAPPEN??!! ==================================================
P.O.V Master

2 days have passes and no one has seen Lucy. I hope that child is alright. No one is handling it very well. Especially Natsu. I suddenly heard shouting. I hobbled outside to see Erza holding a letter, she was sobbing. That's weird I've never seen Erza cry, until I saw who the letter was from. Lucy.

P.O.V Natsu

As master opened the letter something fell out. Is that..... Lucy's GUILD MARK? Is that what she was doing? But why? I saw Lissana smiling a bit weirdly at the mark. Master carefully picked it up an placed it in his pocket.

"Dear Fairy Tail"
I'm sorry that I've been so weak. I'm sorry that I don't have any amazing powers like all of you. You are all amazing and I'm going to miss all of you. Well mostly all of you.
I would like to personally thank Lissana for telling me about Team Natsu calling me weak and kicking me off. She was a true friend. Do not look for me. I'm coming back. But I will be stronger, wiser and more powerful, be ready Fairy Tail.
Lucy Heartfillia "

Everybody turned to Lissana.

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