Chapter 5

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Chapter 5

Donna's POV

I was in a small, dark room. I couldn't see a thing. It felt like I was in a closet. I found a door and tried to open it. It wouldn't budge. So, I started banging on it and shouting.

"Doctor!?Lilly!? Somebody, please!!" I shouted. Just then, the door opened and I nearly punched the Doctor in the face. "Took you long enough," I said, before throwing my arms around him. He wrapped his arms around me, too.

"Are you okay? Where's Lilly?" he asked when we broke from the embrace.

"I'm fine. And Lilly, well, I -- I don't know, we got separated."

"I know this is a happy reunion for you and all, but can we please get going," said a man standing behind the Doctor. Dean Winchester. And standing next to him was his brother Sam.

"What are they doing here?" I asked. I really didn't need any other..."mishaps".

"It doesn't matter," the Doctor said. "What matters is that we find Lilly and the TARDIS and then get out of here." I nodded. Oh how wanted to get out of that house. We started down the hall. Soon, we got to some stairs. Some were going up, and some were going down.

"Alright," the Doctor said, "this is where we part ways. You two go upstairs and we'll go downstairs."

"Who put you in charge," Dean asked.

"Dean," Sam said, "Leave it alone."

"Listen to me," the Doctor said. "When you find Lilly, your Lilly, you take care of her. You protect her. Because if anything happens to her I --"

"It's okay, Doctor. You have nothing to worry about," Sam said. There was a moment of silence. Then Dean spoke up.

"Well I guess we'll see you around."

"Be careful," the Doctor said. Then we went our separate ways.

A little while later, I asked, "What did you mean by their Lilly?" He didn't answer. "Doctor?" he still didn't say anything. I was about to ask again when he finally said something

"In her future, she meets up with them again," he said. "Apparently."

"Oh that's a relief," I said, sarcastically, trying to lighten the mood. I don't think it helped.

Soon, we found Lilly. She was lying in the middle of the hall, in what looked like a pool of blood. The Doctor ran to her as I slowly approached. He pulled out his stethoscope and put it on her chest. He put it away and started running his hands around her motionless body.

"She's still breathing, and there's no puncture wounds," he said, relieved. "This isn't her blood."

I knelt down next to him and his daughter. I put my hand on his shoulder as he cradled her in his arms. That's when I noticed the writing on the wall. It was written in blood, with hand prints in some places.

"Doctor," I said, pointing to the writing, "Look." He looked at me then at the message. It read "Bad Wolf."

"We have to get out of here," he said. "Now."

"What's going on?" I asked.

"I don't know," he said, looking down at his daughter.

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