Chapter 5

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Jake's p.o.v.
It's been five months and I haven't heard from or seen Linda. I've been feeling weaker and sadder but I refuse to show it ,not In front of the whole pack.
I know I have to look for her apologize and make her feel like the princess she is and I won't stop till I get her back.

Linda's p.o.v.
It's been five months and I haven't seen Jake and I'm quite happy about it my wolf really doesn't seem to care about the rejection anymore she's been quite happy and loves the feeling of being in a new pack.

Ashley and Andy are now together and are very happy. I don't get upset by the fact that they instantly accepted each other because I know one day things will get better.

I went down stairs got an apple and ate it on my way to the woods. I finished the apple and threw the core away, I found a spot to change and shifted to my grayish white wolf. As soon as I shifted I ran.

I got so carried away that I ended up running into another packs territory.
I slowed down and as I was about to run back to the territory I heard a twig snap. I knew this was game over for me unless I could out run the wolf. I got lost in my thoughts to even notice that the wolf had charged at me but I was to late the wolf had all ready pinned me down.

Jakes pov
I was in the woods for my daily run when I felt like there was an intruder on my land and very close might I add.
I followed the scent and it seemed to be leading towards a grayish white wolf. The wolf seemed to be lost in thought so I charged and pinned it to the ground. I felt the Sparks the Sparks you feel with your mate. I knew who it was it was Linda she came back.

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