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I couldn't even say anything to reply all I did was sit there in complete shock. Why would Dan love me, everybody hates me. He obviously didn't expect a response, so he just pulled me into the restaurant, and held my hand.

We sat in a leather booth with pretty sting lights surrounding it. Music was playing in the background too, it was perfect. You could even smell fresh bread coming out of the oven. I had my face behind the menu until Dan removed it from my face and sat it on the table.

" Why are you hiding? I don't bite." Dan laughed.

" Sorry I got too interested in the food to look directly in front of me."I smirked.

" What are you going to get?"

" I think I'll have nachos, what about you?" This is going surprisingly well I think.

" I'm thinking ribs and champagne." He smiled.

" What about your ID?

" I have my ways Meg, you don't worry about anything."

" Okay..." I was instantly afraid that something was going to go wrong. I'll scanned my surrounding, and I could see a tall waiter approaching to our table.

" Hello I'm Sam I'll be waiting on you today. Do you want any appetizers or start to order the main dish?

" We'll just have dinner. I'll have a rack of ribs with BBQ sauce, and a bottle of champagne please." The waiter nodded.

" And yourself?" Sam asked.

" I'll just have a the small hamburger nachos."

" Is that all?"

" Yes sir" Dan said.

" Okay, it'll be about a 20 minute wait."
Then he left and walked to the kitchen.

" You're not eating much."

" I'm still a bit full from lunch actually."

20 minutes later...

" Your food awaits you." The waiter smiled and motioned to our dinner he sat on our placemats.

" I can't wait to dig in, but firstly I think that we need a drink."

" Agreed."

I started feeling a bit woozy after we ate all the food on our plates and a bottle of champagne.

" I'm think we should call a Taxi, I'm a little dizzy haha."

" Good idea Dan." I quickly dialled the phone number for taxis and got us a ride while he payed.
As soon as we stumbled into the taxi he started to snuggle me.

" Dan, thank you. I haven't had that much fun in a long time."

" Me neither your the only girl I feel like this with."

He kissed me over and over again until he dropped me off at home. Then he walked me to the door.

" Goodnight beautiful." He whispered in my ear, and then he kissed my forehead goodnight. I stood on my tippy toes trying to make myself taller in order to kiss his cheek.

" I had a really great time Dan. I really should be getting home though."

" I'll text you." Then he gave me a hug and walked back to the taxi.
I smiled so hard that it hurt. Dan is amazing! I saw mom sitting on the couch, and immediately it turned into a frown. She only sat on the couch waiting up for me when there was bad news.

" Honey we need to talk." She stuttered.

" Oh no." I whispered under my breath.

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