Chapter 3

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* At home *

So we made it home and we got in the house and i lock the behind us and i saw oir parents in the kitchen Chris Brown and Nikki Brown is our parents

Angel pov

Me,Brianna,lanae : hey ma and and dad * giving them hugs *

Chris&Nikki: hey * hugging back *

Nikki: I see yall bought dinner

Brianna: here we decide to buy dinner because me know yall just got off work and mom we know you tired so we decided to buy dinner tonight

Nikki: yall didn't have to do that

Lanae : we know we just.... thought about it

Me : yeah so yall hungry or what

Everybody expect Me : yeah we hungry

Me: so let's eat

So we all set at the table mama to get the plates, glasses , forks, napkins then when mama sat down at the dinner table we started eating we had mashed potatoes, corn, spicy and mild chicken, biscuit and after dinner everybody went to bed

* The Next Day *

Brianna pov

So I woke up and it was 6:32am I went to the bathroom * bathroom in my room * took a shower and did my hygiene and everything and I put on my outfit * in the media * and smell goods on then i curl my hair and i went downstairs to put my bag by the door went back upstairs and went to my room and it was 7:00am listen to music

Angel pov

So I woke up and it was 7:27am I had went my bathroom and took a shower and did my hygiene and I got out i put my smell good stuff on and my outfit * in the media * then i did my hair it was hanging down and its curl after that i went downstairs and put my bag by the door and went in the kitchen to help my mama cooked cause she just came down to cook and now it was 7:48

Lanea pov

So I woke up and it was 7:49am so i went to the bathroom * bathroom in my room * and I went to take a shower and did my hygiene after 20 mins i got out the shower put my smell goods on then I put my outfit on * in the media * after that i did my my hair then went down stairs and put my bag by the door then I went back up stairs to my room and look at mean girks the movie was on tv

Angel pov

So right now im in the kitchen with my mama cooking breakfast for everyone we making eggs , bacon, biscuit, waffles, toast, and pancakes and wen we was done we put all the food on the table and the orange juice and milk and then i called everybody

Me: * yelling * yall breakfast ready

Everybody expect me&mama: ok * yelling *

Everybody came down then we started eating breakfast

Dad: this food is good * eating *

Me&Mama: thx * eating *

So then everyone was done eating and me and my sisters said our good bye and left and head to the school and when we pull up we seen Issa , Jacob And August waiting for us by the door and we got out and went to them

August pov

When i saw Brianna she was looking sexy i cant wait to make her mine today my bae for ever i love her

Jacob pov

Today is the day im gonna get lanae * singing * but yea that my bae forever and im gonna treat her right now and forever i love her

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