I pulled up outside Erin’s house, quickly wiping the tears away from my eyes. I had never cried in front of a girl, not even when one of the ones I slept with told me that they were pregnant, so I wasn’t about to break a habit of a lifetime.

        I walked up to her front door and, at the moment I was about to knock, I heard something which me pause for a second. Erin was arguing with someone and she was crying. He had never heard Erin cry so, whatever the argument was about, it had to be something serious.

        “You left me for my brother. My fucking brother and now you come back here, telling me you love me and that it was a mistake?” I heard Erin shout.

        Oliver. That piece of shit who told her that he was gay and sleeping with her brother.

        “Please, baby, he forced me. I never realised until now how stupid I had been,” he pleaded with her. I hoped that she had more strength than to take him back after all the wrong he had done to her.

        “Did my brother dump you? Did he get bored with his new toy and that’s why you’re back here?” Erin replied and I laughed to myself. There was the Erin I had come to know, the girl who had an answer to everything and could silence even the loudest of people with just her words.

        “No. I left him. I love you Erin, let me show you,” I rolled my eyes at his response and decided that now would be a good time to make myself known.

        I knocked on the door and waited for an answer, surprised when I saw that it wasn’t Erin who answered the door, but a tall and skinny guy. He looked good so it was no surprise that Erin’s brother had gone after him, but that still wasn’t any excuse for what he did to her. He treated her like she was nothing and now he’s back, begging her for forgiveness.

        “Can I help you?” he snapped, his eyes spotting the suitcase beside me.

        “Jason,” Erin’s voice said from behind the twat who stood between the two of us.

        “You know him?” Oliver sounded shocked that Erin had dared to speak to another man while he was gone. When we first met, she told me that she wasn’t going to sit around and complain about being single, she was just going to enjoy her new found freedom in the best way she could.

        “Oh. She knows me in more ways than one,” I chuckled.

        “You’ve slept with her? You slept with my fucking girlfriend?” Oliver shouted, making sure he got right into my space like it was going to make me back off. I had to laugh at his lame attempts because, even though he may have been taller than me, I could be sure that I had more muscle. If I had to fight him, then I would still be able to kick his arse.

        “I do believe Erin is single and can therefore sleep with whoever she sees fit,” I shrugged and, out the corner of my eye, I saw Erin smirking at me.

        “I was gone for, what? A month and you’re already sleeping around like the slut you were when I met you,” Oliver sneered over his shoulder.

        “A month? Try closer to a year Oliver. Shows how much I really mean to you,” Erin snapped, walking over to him and pushing him out of the front door before pulling me in next to her. “He’s a better fuck than you ever were.”

        “Erin, baby--“

        “Don’t fucking call me that. I’m not your ‘baby’ anymore,” Erin shouted. I put hands on her shoulders and I could immediately feel the stress leave her body at my touch. She began relaxing a little as I moved my hands across her shoulders, moving the tension out and showing her that Oliver wasn’t going to touch her while I was here.

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