The fires burned bright outside of Windhelm that day. Every Nord stood in silence grieving and crying for Ulfric Stormcloak and for the future of Skyrim. Svalar laid Ulfric's body in his coffin that would be buried in the ocean just as Ysgramor's body had, it was that day that Svalar was crowned leader of the Western Alliance after High Rock joined his alliance. After Ulfric's funeral Svalar was crowned High King in The Palace of the Kings, the Great Houses of Morrowind were there, the An-Xileel were there, the emperor, even the Thalmor stopped there fighting to watch this son of Skyrim be crowned. It is said that the gods themselves kneeled down towards the new king, Svalar-SteelArm. "People of Skyrim, you all know of the tragic death of Ulfric Stromcloak, the only reason I am here today was because of his Great Uprising against those that would make us puppets of the elves! Because of him a new Empire would be established, we need no Amulets or Towers to show our might, the Deadra themselves will surrender against our divine armies, this has been every Nord's dream since the beginning of time, the armies of Sovngarde are chanting for they will lend us there arms against our enemies. But fear not elves, we will not kill any civilians in our conflicts, if you surrender now there will be no bloodshed. We give you one month to decide your fate, will you surrender peacefully, or will we have to raise the hammer of Shor onto your heads! The Age of Elven Supremacy ends now! Today is the start of a new era, the 5th Era!!" "All hail the High King of Skyrim, the Dragonborn!!" the people of Skyrim chanted all throughout the night, even Shor raised his cup towards the Dragonborn King. On that day there were earthquakes in the Summerset Isles that destroyed The Crystal Tower and the city of Firsthold, but something was odd, every civilian in the city was lifted up and the speech of the Dragon as it was called rang in there ears. Those civilians were transported to the city of Alinor safely by Shor. For a year Svalar planned the invasion on Cyrodiil.

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