Chapter One

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Walking through the airport i feel like i have a new sense of relief... I feel free. The L.A air is warm and so far it appears no one knows who i am and i can honestly say i'm glad. The pressure of home is gone and i can just be me for a bit. I walk through the terminal and head for the exit, "TAXI", The taxi pulled up and put my bag on the back seat of the car, opened the front passenger door and ushered me in. 

"Where to love?"

"erm, the nearest hotel please, one in the city.. please."

"alright... spur of the moment trip?"

"yeah, needed to get away for a while"

"Well L.A is certainl a place to lose yourself"

"Yeah?, I hope so"

The rest of the journey was silent, until we pulled up to a spectactual hotel. It was like something from a movie, the lights twinkled and lined the entire front of the building, I looked up but was blinded by the beauty that i was seeing. The hotel had this old but modern look about it and had plush red runners leading to the entrance. I just sat there and admired the rustic glowing building against the now dark sky.

"Excuse me miss?"

I was pulled from my starring by a young man with a tanned face and light brown hair, he was opening the door to the taxi and was holding my bag, waiting for me to stand. I found my voice and thanked the Taxi driver, paying him extra after realising I only had English money on me not American, the driver simply smiled and accepted wishing me luck before driving away.

I started to walk towards the entrence and as i reached the door the young man, who was carrying my bag, opened it for me and smiled down at me. I took my bag from him before offering him a tip and of course he accepted and gave me that smile again when he realised it was British money. I thanked him and walked towards the main reception.

The man sat behind the desk looked up in surprise when he saw me but recovered quickly by plastering a smile on his stern face. He wasn't as young as the man at the door, he was older, more experienced looking.

He was quick to assist by booking me a room and handing me a key. I was quick to ask if the hotel was private and asked him to make sure no one finds out i'm here. He assured me that no one would be able to find me here and privacy was a top issue there, that no one would get past reception without permission. I thanked the man and smiled back at him as i wondered over to the stairs in search for my room.

It feels good to tire myself out even if it is just climbing the stairs, it appears if you want privacy you're on the top floor .. I walked to the end of the corridor before entering my key into the door.

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