Falling For Alex Lester And The Date

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Cameron's P.O.V

When we went back up to Alex's cabin we watched The Conjuring. Thankfully his it was in the Twitter section too, so I didn't have too far to walk back.  I sat down beside Alex on the sofa across from the small TV. He saw me jump at some of the freaky bits, so he wrapped an arm around me to comfort me. He smiled a sweet 'everything is alright' smile down at me. Deffinitely Phil's brother. He was so warm, and he smelled like vanilla. The end credits rolled around and we then both realised he still had his arm wrapped around me. We looked at each other in silence. It wasn't awkward silence, it was just comfortable. I looked into his bright blue eyes and he looked into my greeny-blue ones. They were no where near as amazing as his. He started to lean slightly closer and I did the same. When our faces were only a few inches away from each other, he broke into a small smile. Oh wow. He was so gorgeous. We could kiss. Right in this moment I could kiss him. I wonder what it would be like. I guess I'll have to find out another day. I broke into a smile and I nuzzled into his shoulder. He let out a slight giggle. "Alex?" I asked. "Yeah?" He said softly. "Do we have to move?" I whispered. "Nope." He said quietly.

I put my arms around him and snuggled in and we slowly started to fall asleep. And in that moment, I realised for the first time that I am in love with Alex Lester.

Jacob's P.O.V

After canoing I walked Mia up to her cabin. My stomach does tumbles when I'm with her. When she does anything my heart thumps. I'm seriously falling for her.

That's it. I'm asking her out. I took my phone and rang Mia's number. It rang three times before she picked up. "Hello?"

"Hey. Be ready at 7. I have a surprise for you." I hung up before she had the chance to say anything. Ok, time to get the surprise ready. But I was gonna need some help. I walked out of my cabin and walked to where the councilers' cabins were. I knocked on Dan and Phil's door and waited before Phil opened and let me in. "Guys, I need help to plan a date." I said to them. Phil 'awed' and Dan said "Sure, how can we help?" "Ok, I need you guys to drive me to the nearest shopping centre to get supplies for a picnic." Dan nodded and Phil grabbed the keys to their car.  Phil drove.

We went into Tesco and bought a crapload of stuff for the picnic. We got a lot of fruit, chocolate, sweets, drinks, plastic cups and paper plates, cookies and pizza. We went to the till and payed for all our things then went back to camp where we began to get set up.

When we were finished I thanked Dan and Phil for all their help and started to get ready.
Cameron's P.O.V

The buzz from my phone telling me I had a text woke me up. I opened my eyes and looked up to find Al still asleep, so I gently took my arm away to check my phone. The time was 5:27pm. We had been asleep for nearly two and a half hours. The text was from Nat:


Where are you Cam? (5:23pm)


I'm over at Jacob's cabin with his roomate Alex. We kinda fell asleep watching the Conjuring..(5:28pm)

I softly kissed Alex's cheek and he opened his eyes and looked at me with a smile. "Hey, you." He said. "Hey." "What time is it, Cam?" He asked. "Half five." I told him. He smiled. "We've been asleep a while." He said. "Yeah, we have." I cuddled into him one last time, then I got up to stretch. Alex did the same. "So..." he said. I smiled. "So." I said. "Give me your phone for a sec." He looked at me funny then handed his phone to me. I went into contacts and added my number. "I've gotta go now, but I'll call you later." I said sadly. He hugged me and I kissed him on the cheek. "See you later." He said. "Bye, Al." I beamed and walked out.

When I got back into my cabin Natalie practically attacked me into a hug. "Oh my gosh Cam, I was so worried about you." She said. "Aww Nat, I'm fine, see." After Nat let go Lexi wrapped me in a hug. Then Mia. "Ok, now that we know you're safe, what happened with Phil's brother? I told them already btw." Said Mia. "Well.. after canoing he invited me up to watch the Conjuring. I got scared and he put his arm around me to comfort me. At the end credits we realised he still had his arm around me. We nearly kissed but we didn't. Then we cuddled and fell asleep." Everyone 'awed' Nat squeezed me into a big bear hug. "That is extremely adorable!" Said Lexi. Just then my phone buzzed.


Miss you already.

I smiled at that and put my phone away.

Mia's P.O.V

"Guys, Jacob told me to be ready at 7 because he has a surprise for me?" I said.

"It's 6 now! Go get dressed! I'll do your hair and makeup." Said Lexi. "Okay.." I said. I went and picked a simple black lace dress from my case and my steel toe boots. I got dressed and called Lexi to say I'm ready. She came in and curled my hair with her curling iron and did my make up with silver eyeshadow, eyeliner, red lipstick, BB cream, and concealer. When I was finished, I walked out of the bedroom door to find Nat and Cam staring at me with open mouths. "Wow." They said in unison.

"You look incredable!" Said Cameron. "I agree!" Said Natalie. "Hehe thanks guys." I said. I looked in the mirror. Wow, I really did look stunning. I checked my phone for the time. 6:56. Jacob should be here any minute so I just waited. Just then he knocked on the door with a red rose and wearing a black dinner jacket over a white shirt and black skinny jeans. He looked amazing. "Wow." He said "You are stunning." "Thanks. You look amazing." I said. "Not as amazing as you." He replied. I blushed but tried to hide it with my curls. "C'mon. Let's go." He said. "Ok." I answered smiling. He handed me a blindfold and told me to put it on. I did as told and Jacob guided me along. "Jacob.." I whined. "Yeah, Mia?" He giggled. "Where are we going?.." I said in the same tone. "You'll see." He giggled. About 2 minutes later he stopped. "You ready?" He asked. "As I'll ever be." I said anxiously. He took off my blindfold to reveal a candle lit picnic right by the lake. There was pizza, fruit, sweets and loads more. I turned to Jacob. "Wow. This is amazing." I said hugging him. "Glad you like it." He said. We sat down and started to eat. "Jac, this pizza is the best." I said. "I know right." After we were finished eating Jacob asked if I wanted to go for a swim. We walked back to our cabins and got changed into our swimsuits. I put on a Guns And Roses t-shirt and denim shorts over my smimsuit. When I was ready I walked over to Jacob's cabin and knocked. He came out wearing a Sonic t-shirt and swimming shorts. We walked back down to the lake and stripped down to our swimming suits then jumped in. I went under to get used to the temperture of the water. I broke the suface with a gasp and I couldn't see Jacob. I felt arms wrap around my waist which made me jump but I then realised it was Jacob hugging me from behind. He put his chin on my shoulder and kissed my cheek which made me smile and blush. I turned around to him and put my arms around his neck. "I really like you, Mia." He said quietly. "I really like you too." That was when he started to lean in and we kissed. And boy was is magical.

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