Chapter 4: Close Call

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Chapter 4: Close Call

Your POV

After your encounter with Freddy last night, you knew for sure that you didn't want to return the next day but you found yourself returning.

"Why am I coming back here?" you mumble, pushing the doors of the pizzeria open.

Kids were running around and screaming like crazy as the animatronics preformed. Well for Freddy lak, trying to preform. He keep glitching as he sang, as his body freeze a lot. The kids didn't seem to notice but the parents did. They would take their kid away from the stage at set there kids down so they could'nt get back to Freddy and his gang. The animatronics stop playing as the manager walks on stage, with a microphone.

"I'm sorry everyone but we will be closing early today, due to malfunctions. So for your safety we would like all to please leave the building in a orderly fashion. Thank you and sorry for this but we promise that Freddy and his gang will be back tomorrow." the manger announces.

The kids whine as the curtain closes and parents take their kids out. You fell guilty as you watch the sad faces of the kids as they left. All because you fell on him. Once all the kids leave, employees start to clean up the mess. The manager spots you and runs over to you.

"(y/n) I'm so glad your here, can you please fix Freddy? He keeps freezing and glitching" he asks.

"Of course, it's part my job" you smile.

"Great, there is a tool box backstage. Just head behind the curtain after you got the tool box. I'll be in my office if you need anything" he says walking to his office.

You sigh as you head backstage and grab the tool box and head towards the stage. You open the curtain to see Freddy and his gang frozen in place.

"At least your turned off" you mumble opening the tool box.

But what you didn't know is that Freddy is still turned, cause of malfunctions, he is still in night mode. You walk behind him and open up his back, to see his endoskeleton and wires. You play around with wires, connecting wires that have been broken. You close up his back and grabbed a screwdriver. You walked in front of him and opened his mouth and reached in for his voice box. Once you grabbed it you put your other hand in and unscrewed the box and pulled it out. You notice a few wires sticking out. You sat on the stage next to your tool box and opened the top of it. The wires were all tangled together.

"Man how old are there's things?" you mumble, fixing the wires.

As you were untangling the wires, the curtains opened, to reveal the manager. He smiles as he see's you fixing Freddy's voice box.

"Hey (y/n) just came to check on ya, and to say that everyone has gone home for the day. So you will be the only one here ok?" he says.

You smile as you nod your head. He smiles back as he waves goodbye and leaves the stage and heads out the door. Leaving you alone in the pizzeria. You get back to fixing his voice box as you finally finished. You stood up and placed his voice box in his mouth you saw you felt his mouth trying to close on your hand. You slightly panic as you quickly screwed on the screws and took out your hand.

"There, you shouldn't glitch now" you huff crossing your arms.

"Then again we won't find out until tomorrow,..... or tonight" you shiver.

You bend down and pack up the tools, as soon as you closed the lid. You heard a voice that you didn't want to hear.

"Or we could find out now" a deep voice chuckles.

You freeze as you slowly turn around to see Freddy towering over your small figure. Your heart speeds up as your blood runs cold.

'How is he even ON?' you mentally scream.

You back up as he stepped closer to you."How are you on?" you shutter, taking another step back. He only chuckle taking another step towards you. He grabbed you around your neck lifting you up. You gasp for air as you kick your legs around. He only chuckles and tightens his grip, causing your breath to hitch. You look at the others, trying to see if they could help, but they stood still. He notices you looking at the others.

"They can't help you, sure they can watch but they can't move until midnight. But I can't, thanks to you." he smirks.

Your lungs were running out of oxygen, it was only a matter a time before it was all gone.

'So this is how I'm gonna die?'

You could feel yourself fading away as your eyes began to close. This is it, this is the end. A tear runs down your cheek onto Freddy's hand, as he continue to choke you. He notices the tear on his hand as his grip softens a bit, allowing to breath for a bit before being chocked again. But much harder. You cough and choke as you take in your last breath, before suddenly hitting the hard ground, along with a loud thud. You could barely hear the noise of metal agianst metal. You felt cold arms pick you up and run off the stage with you. Your body bounced with every step they took, as metal clanking was heard. As the running slowed down you opened your eyes slighly to see purple.

'Purple? Could it be Pirate's Cove?'

You close your tired eyes once again, as your breathing comes to a stop.You felt someone shaking you but you gave no response. Your body gets placed on a wooden floor as a voice called my name. You felt a pair of hands on your chest as they push down. While they try to bring you back, you could see a bright light coming towards you. You fell a pounding on chest as someone was pushing down on it. Just before you could get to the light a voice whisper a sorry, as your body comes to a stop. You felt your breath come back as your beaded once again. You snapped your eyes open as you sat up, coughing violently. A hand patted your back as your breathing slowed down and you relaxed. Your eyes teared up as you look up at your saviour. It was Foxy. You hugged him tightly as tears streamed down your face.

"Thank you Foxy, you saved me" you choke out, clutching his fur.

"Ye welcome lass" he smiles, hugging you back.

After a few minutes you let go of him, he sat against the wall with you infront of him.

"How did you bring me back?" you ask, looking at his amber eyes.

He blushed a bit looking away. "Aye ah, used CPR" he said whispering the last part.

You blushed at his answer.

'Does that mean he....'

"Does that mean you.....kissed me?" you asked blushing.

"Aye" he replies, blushing more.

He puts his legs to your sides as he brings you closer to him, he wraps his arms around your waist as he rests his jaw on your head. You lean back into his chest as you close your eyes and fell asleep in his warmth.


Chapter done, yay. Three books updated this week, not bad. So nearly killed you but Foxy came to the rescue. Their was a little bit of Foxy x Reader in there, but hey it's my book, I do what I want. Alright I think it's time to move onto the next book.

Until Next Time My Vexins

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