A broken heart

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(Sorry this is late, been very busy)

I flew as fast as I could to pitch. The night was dark, the luminous pale glow from the moon lighting my way. But, even with the warm glow, it was still very dark. As if the magic that night holds, just somehow...died.

As I landed in the soft grass I changed my form. I was no longer a tiny, fat man. Now, I was a tall, 6'8" adult male. I gently let myself float down the manhole, my robes fluttering around me.

Right as my feet touched the ground, the air shifted. In the darkness the shadows swirled, bending and twirling in a hunted dance. My breath hitches as I look around for him.

"Pitch..." I say, my voice only reaching the octave of a loud whisper.

There's nothing for a longest time, the only sound being that of my breath. My heart starts to pick up pace; did he kill himself? No, no he can't. He's immortal... Unless... Of son of a goblin, he couldn't have!
I think as I run for his throne room, reaching the double doors in no time. I take a deep breath and open the doors. My eyes widen as I look at the thick mass of black clouds swirling around the throne chair.
"P-pitch!?" I call out, the shadows hissing at me and spinning faster.
I growl and send a ball of dream sand to the center of the nightmares. This allows me to see what they are flying around, and its my worst fear.
"No...NO!" I yell, my golden aura brightening the room as I fly right for him.
Any nightmare that touches my aura bursts into smoke, allowing me to safely get to pitch. I take him in my arms, allowing my dream sand to in case our bodies in its protective layer as I teleport us to my island.
As the sand disposes, I look down at the unconscious nightmare king. He's bleeding from his mouth and ears, there are cuts up and down his arms and legs. His clothes are nothing but tornen pants. I sigh and walk to my room, the doors opening for me.
I gently lat him on the bed, deciding to allow him to sleep in peace before I bath him. His so weak, I still can't understand why he'd let them do that to him.
I put my hand out in front of me, whispering a summons as sand riases and creates a Dire wolf.
"Protect this man, my friend." I say as I head for the door.
I don't need to look behind me as I see a bright light cast my shadow, then four more Dires come from the one I summoned. I know he'll be safe, Dires are great protecters.
I head out the front door, conjuring a dragon. I get on it and take off to Norths place. I need to inform the others that Pitch is okay.
I just hope they won't want me to get red of him. He can't be trusted to take care of himself right now. And I have to thank jack for bringing thus to my attention.

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