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Harry's POV(shit getting realllllll)

"Oh my god, this is so good." Delilah practically moaned as she took another bite of her double sausage and egg mcmuffin. I chuckled lightly, smiling as we walked around New York, our breakfast and a drink in our hands. I treated her to breakfast, tricking her by telling her that I saw Channing Tatum out the window. She fell for it, god knows how, which gave me more than enough time to pay the cashier quick enough for Lilah to realise.

I smirked, "That good, huh?" She blushed slightly but nodded in agreement. I looked at my watch, seeing that Lilah was due for rehearsals in about 20 minutes.

I watched her from the side, zoning out on her story about her and Shakela. I didn't mean to, but it gave me time to take her in. The way her one dimple popped up in her cheek when she smiled widely, her slightly pink lips animated and active as she spoke. The way her eyes sparkled when she was passionate about something. She was breathtaking in the most simplest way, and she had absolutely no idea.

She was so different to any girl I've met, sounds clichè but it's true. She was so easy going and easy to get along with, but she still had a feisty streak which was raring to get out. I won't lie, it gave me slight satisfaction last night when she got jealous about me and Tara. It made me happy that she actually cared about who I was talking to. I found it pretty cute to be honest, she is quite cute when she tries to be angry.

She's quite cute anyway.

"Delilah?" I asked, sipping my drink after. She nodded her head answering me as she chewed the last part of her muffin.

"I know everyone is going out tonight but I figured after dancing all day you might just wanna chill, so if you want we can order a pizza? Watch some films, eat some food, that kind of thing? We don't have to if you wanna go out, it was just an idea." I rambled slightly as she looked at me, feeling slightly nervous.

She smiled at me, probably noticing my awkwardness. "No, that sounds perfect. I finish at like half 6, I think? I'll be straight up to the room then." I didn't even notice we'd reached the hotel hall which was where the rehearsals were being held.

"Alright, well I'll go and get the food and snacks and things later all ready for when you come up. What pizza do you want?"

She thought for a second before speaking, "Anything with a stuffed crust." She joked. "As long as it's not vegetarian or tuna, I don't mind." She laughed, as did I.

I nodded, hugging her goodbye and wishing her a good rehearsal, before going back out the hotel to get stuff for tonight.

Whilst walking, I decided that tonight would be the perfect night to finally do what I'd been wanting to do since I met Lilah.

Tonight, I was going to make my move.

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