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I was asleep. (Wasn't that the best sentence to start this story off with.) It was a day off and I was rudely woken up by 4 loud boys. One was Ashton and the others were his band mates Callum, Luke and Michael. One thing you should know about me, NEVER wake me up. NEVER! I'm showing you how much I mean that by using capital letters. I love my sleep and get proper pissy when woken by humans. Animals I can deal with, but humans know what they are doing. Animals don't really. Any way they were jumping on my bed and singing loudly and really out of tune.
"Uggghhhh... PISS OFF!!!!" I screamed at them. This only made them laugh and carry on in between laughing. As you can probably guess it didn't impress me one little bit. I groaned got up and hit them off my bed.
"What bridge dos you wake up under this morning?" Michael teased making and 'ew' face. In return for that comment he got a kick in the balls. Which the other boys pissed themselves laughing at him dieing in pain on the floor.
"So is there a meaning for this rude awakening?" I asked curious to why I was awake and not asleep.
"Because you have a date today at the park but we are not telling you who but we will tell you this you know him" Ashton smiled as he told me.
"How long do I have?" I asked going along with it because I was to tired to object to it.
"1 hour" Callum answered.
"Dress code?"
"Nice casual like summer dress or something like that" Ashton answered.
I gestured to the door asking them to leave and so they did.
"Oh and Lauren I have to go but let me know how it goes yeah?" Ashton asked before leaving. I nodded in response. He smiled and left.
I got changed into a beautiful flower summer dress which was my favourites and wore sanders with it. I did my make up like I usually would that's foundation, concealer, powder, mascara, eyeliner and lip gloss. I then dos my hair which I put up in a pony tail curled quickly then let it down. (Tip for you there on how to quickly curl your hair ladies.) it was warm so didn't take a jacket or a coat.
Callum, Luke and Michael were still here eating my food. They aren't doing well today are they?!?
"Ah your ready" Luke stated the obvious.
"No shit Sherlock" I replied sarcastically.
"No time for banter lets go" Michael rushed us out the house and I managed to grab needed things e.g. Phone, keys, purse in my bag. We all clambered into Callum's car and drive to the park jamming out to the radio. When we got there Luke said
"Meet him by the big oak tree look for a picnic and rose petals" I nodded and off I went to the certified location. As I got closer I saw blonde-brown hair and an checked shirt and black skinny jeans. I knew who it was. It was....

~Cliffhanger part 2 to this bit uploaded soon as possible~

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