Ashton: I Missed You (Kind of Smutty)

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You and Ashton had just gotten married a few months ago. You couldn’t be happier. I mean Ashton Irwin was all yours. Everyday you were the lucky girl that got to wake up next to him and see his messy hair and gorgeous eyes. One morning you woke up and you felt awful. You jumped out of bed and ran to the bathroom and threw up. You had no idea what was going on. Ash ran into the bathroom and began to rub your back. He said, “Are you okay babe?” You replied, “I don’t know. I feel awful.” When you felt a little better you stood up washed your mouth and went and sat down on the couch. Ash came and sat next to you and put his arms around you. He suddenly grabbed your arm and looked you dead in the eyes and said, “wait. no. is it possible? could you be you know pregnant?” You looked at him in shock and replied, “could i be? why don’t you go buy a pregnancy test?” Ash quickly got up, put on his jacket, and headed out the door. About 10 minutes later Ash returned and handed you the white box. You went into the bathroom and did what you needed to do and waited anxiously. When the results showed, you looked at it and sure enough there were two lines. you were pregnant. You slowly opened the door and ash was there waiting. You said,”congratulations Mr.Irwin, you are going to be a father!” Ash’s face lit up and he was smiling from ear to ear. he took you in his arms and spun you around. 

*** 9 months later ***

You and Ash welcomed a beautiful baby girl into the world. You named her Anna after Ash’s mother. Being a first time mother tired you out. You had put Anna to bed and went into your bedroom. Ashton was already laying on the bed. you slid in next to him and put your head on his chest. Without warning, his arms flew to your waist and he pressed his lips against yours. And in that moment everything felt right. His hands made their way under your shirt and he looked at you for permission to take your shirt off. you nodded and before you knew it your shorts, shirt, and bra were all on the other side of the room. Ash on the other hand still had his clothes on and you shot him a dirty look and said, “Babe you’re still wearing all your clothes . . . i don’t think thats allowed mister.” He grinned and in one swift move took of his shirt and pants revealing his bulge. It had been a while since you guys had fucked because you were busy with Anna and you missed it. You palmed him and he moaned and said between his teeth, “stop fucking teasing me.” You took off his Ninja Turtle boxers and smirked. He climbed on top of you and said, “You ready babe?” You whimpered out a “yes”. Ash slid into you perfectly. He began thrusting in and out of you slowly at first and then picking up the pace. You arched your back and your toes curled and a series of curses left your and Ash’s mouth. “Fuck y/n you feel so damn good.” You let out one final moan as you and Ash both reached your highs. He laid down next to you and you said, “god ash I missed you so much. Its been too long since we’ve done that.” “Agreed” he said. Within 5 minutes, Anna was crying. You nudged Ash and he got up and was about to walk out of the room when you giggled and said, “Ash you’re not wearing anything!” He laughed and put on his boxers and a t-shirt and walked out. You put your head back on your pillow and smiled because you were still overjoyed that you were lucky enough to have a guy like Ash. He will forever and always be yours and yours only. 

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