run with my luv

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chez and i leave my house and run down the street wif me on his beck my parents get in the car and chase us but we r 2 fast we run 2 the woods 2 where we 1st met and then we stop. r u hungry brittjney he ses yes i say he goeds 2 his tree and goes in and cums out with a cake we can et it now ir save it 4 our wedding 2morrow OMG CHEZ!!!!!1!!!11! i am surprise at his proposing we can sev it 4 our wedding 2morrow <3 <3 <3 ok he ses then we will just order sum pizza. we order our pizza and when the pizza msan cums he is very surprise that chez is bear he acting scared until chez ses its ok then he gives us our pizza and leves. we stay up all night in chez tree and then i leve cuz u cant c the bride on the wedding day

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